Every rummy player wants to reach that level of competency where he can play like a champ and don’t feel all nervous, every time he sits on a rummy table. But it requires hard work, dedication and constant play. Along with these, there are some other things that can help one become a rummy expert. So, here are the things that can turn the game table towards you and make you a winner in rummy online.

A strategy that is different from others

The biggest fact of rummy is that no two rummy players are the same. Although, the rummy rules remain simple and easy to grasp, the technique applied to play the game differs from one player to the other. How you can become an expert is by playing constantly and applying new skills that you acquire as you play along. Observe your opponent moves and be fast enough to change yours accordingly. To improve your strategy with each game, you need to play with competitive players and observe and act fast. The smoother you get with combination, the faster your game will improve.

Play multi table games


The first thought that comes to mind is, that it’s for expert rummy players. But when you aim to become one yourself, you need to start from somewhere. So, try your hand on multi table games. What it simply means is to play more than one game at the same time. This helps build up speed, concentration and of course technique. Once, you feel comfortable to change your mind as per the game on hand and that also at high speed, you can say, you are close to become an expert rummy player.

Chase the big tournaments

Playing in the big tournaments require a lot of dedication from your side. The tournaments run for a long time, has a large number of players participating, involves a significant amount of cash to be won, adding to the seriousness of the game and challenges your skills the most. Yes, this is a deadly combination and you need to take your game quite seriously to win it. It also requires a lot of confidence on the player side. Getting nervous or restless in this game will not help you win it at all. Also, when real cash games are involved, players think twice before picking a game to play. So, pick tournaments that you can confidently manage.

Play at different times

Even though every player has a preferred time to pick the game and focus on it completely, if you truly want to take your game to the next level, you need to try all combinations. You also need to experience the kind of players you will face at different times in the day. So, if you are constantly playing during late hours, then try some early morning games as well. You will see the difference of players online, the technique they use and that will help in getting expert with the game.

Play different variants of rummy

Just like it is important to gain speed and confidence in your game, you also need to be proficient in the different variants of rummy. So, right from points rummy to pool rummy and even deals rummy, give all of it a shot. The more you play the different kinds of rummy, you will be able to understand the clear difference between them and you can then improvise your techniques accordingly. Remember, the rummy rules for all variants are different from each other. So, before you pick an online game, just check it once. You can read –  “Detailed guide on how to play rummy with different variants.”

Becoming an expert rummy player is an effort that you need to work towards constantly. With the right timing, consistency and focus you can become a rummy champ in no time. So, pick up your mobile and get started with playing online rummy games right away.