Wiziwig was once one of the leading sports streaming sites, but unfortunately, it has now been shut down. But plenty of great alternatives are available that offer similar features which used to be offered by Wiziwig. From streaming live football matches to hockey and baseball, there’s something for every sports enthusiast.

In this article, we will look at the twenty-two best Wiziwig alternatives out there that you should check out if you want convenient access to your favorite sports streams in 2024.


22 Websites Like Wiziwig In 2024



Destination URL: crickfree.org

One of the oldest Wiziwig alternatives, CricFree has an impressive library of live sports streams that you can watch for free. It covers games from significant leagues and tournaments such as the NBA, NFL, NCAAF, MLB and more.

The user interface is easy to navigate, making it ideal for beginners new to streaming sports online. But keep in mind that there are a lot of ads on the site, so be prepared for pop-ups now and then.



Destination URL: stream2watch.ws

Another excellent option for streaming your favorite sports is Stream2Watch. It offers reliable streams that cover different leagues, tournaments, and teams from all around the world with just a single click.

The best part about this site is that you won’t have to wait too long for buffering, as it has recently been optimized for better performance and faster loading times. Plus, there are no ads either!



Destination URL: sportp2p.com

This is another Wiziwig alternative you should check out if you’re a sports fan looking for reliable streaming services.

It provides live coverage of popular leagues and tournaments worldwide, with multiple streams, so you can always get the best quality experience while watching your favorite teams play! It also has excellent image quality, making it a great pick for streaming sports online.



Destination URL: batmanstream.net

If you’re looking for an effortless way to stream your favorite games and sports, then BatmanStream is something you should check out! It covers over 3,000+ live events monthly, meaning there are many choices when finding something to watch.

The quality of the streams is snappy, and there’s no need to create an account, either. The site layout has also been recently optimized for better performance across all devices.

As a bonus, you can now even access BatmanStream through their dedicated Android app too!



Destination URL: livesport.ws/en

Next up on our list is LiveTV, which offers live coverage of major international sports you may be interested in, such as golf, cricket or UFC.

There are some obscure sports, too, so if you’re up for something different, LiveTV is worth considering!

This site’s streaming quality and speed have been optimized over time, resulting in an improved viewing experience.



Destination URL: jiotv.com

An excellent option for those who prefer to stream their favorite sport through dedicated apps rather than browsers.

With JioTV, you can access live streams of the Indian Premier League, UEFA Champions League and other major tournaments on your phone or tablet. Plus, there’s even a 7-day free trial to try the service before committing to it!

Fox Sports

Fox Sports Go

Destination URL: foxsports.com/live

If you want to watch exclusive sports content worldwide, Fox Sports is worth checking out! It covers significant sports events and tournaments in Europe, the US and Asia so you can choose from a decent selection of live streams.

There’s also an HD streaming option to keep up with your favorite teams even when they’re playing far away!



Destination URL: atdhe.us

Another reliable option for streaming sports is ATDHE which covers only the best games worldwide. That means you won’t have to scroll through hundreds of streams to find your desired one. Other features like real-time standings and streaming quality sorting make ATDHE a great pick!


Destination URL: sportstream.tv

For lovers of American sports, SportStream is your go-to alternative if you want to keep up with all the latest games in the NHL, NBA, and MLB.

Its fast loading times and easy-to-navigate interface make it great for newbies who are just getting into streaming sports online. Plus, you can access an archive of past games, so you never miss out on any essential sporting action!

VIP Leagues

Destination URL: vipleague.cc

This popular Wiziwig alternative offers live streams and recordings of your favorite events in European, Asian, and American leagues. It has a great library of sports streams available for free, so be sure to check it out if you’re looking for something specific!



Destination URL: 12thplayer.com

If you’re looking for an alternative with lots of exclusive content, then 12thPlayer should do the trick! This site offers live-streaming coverage of international and domestic events from all across the globe, with a particular focus on European and Asian markets.

You also get access to the live audio commentary, so you don’t miss out on crucial moments during the match!



Destination URL: rojadirecta.me

This is another excellent option for streaming sports as it covers some of the biggest competitions from Europe, including La Liga, Serie A, and the Champions League.

You can even filter the streams by language to watch them in your preferred tongue. Plus, there’s no need to wait as the loading speeds are fast, and plenty of ads cover all bases!

Off Side TV

Off Side TV

Destination URL: offsivetv.com

If you’re into football and have been looking for a reliable streaming site, OffsideTV is worth checking out. It has regular updates from top leagues, tournaments, and cups from Europe, which means you can watch all the action while staying updated with hot news stories related to your favorite teams!



Destination URL: fubo.tv/welcome

Another great alternative that offers live streaming of sports is FuboTV. It gives access to top-notch channels such as ESPN, FOX Sports 1, and CBS Sports Network, so you know exactly what action to expect when signing up for the service. Plus, there’s also a 7-day free trial to test the platform without any commitment!

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Destination URL: mamahd.org

This reliable Wiziwig alternative allows viewers to access high-quality live streams with zero buffering time.

It covers all major tournaments and events from different leagues, plus you even get the option to choose between English and Spanish commentary when watching a game. Most modern browsers also support the site so you won’t have any technical issues!



Destination URL: vipboxtv.se

VIP Box TV should do the trick if you’re looking for an alternative that offers reliable live sports streams.

With this site, viewers can access some of the most popular sports worldwide with an impressive selection of live streams updated daily. You can also see previews and other multimedia content for a more exciting viewing experience!



Destination URL: bosscast.net

This is another excellent choice for streamers accessing top-notch sports streams online. The site gives viewers access to international and domestic sporting events and has plenty of up-to-date news stories related to sports.

A few ads pop up occasionally, but it still provides an overall excellent viewing experience!



Destination URL: streamwoop.net

StreamWoop is an excellent option for streamers seeking hassle-free streaming services. It covers some top leagues and tournaments from around Europe, Asia and America, so you don’t have to look far if you ever want to watch high-profile sports matches.

The streaming quality is also good, so you can always enjoy a great viewing experience without any buffering time!



Destination URL: redstreamsport.com

Red Stream Sport offers reliable streams with minimal buffering times, perfect for those looking for all the latest games in HD quality.

It also has a neat user interface that makes navigation easy as pie, plus you can also access audio commentary and other related information with every stream.



Destination URL: streamhunter.net

Finally, StreamHunter offers various streams for some of the most popular sporting events from around Europe and the US.

The site has an easy-to-use layout that makes finding a good game easy, plus it also includes news stories so viewers can stay informed about their favorite teams and leagues.

What is Wiziwig?

Wiziwig was an online sports streaming service based in the Netherlands that was founded in 2008, and it eventually expanded to become one of the top sites for streaming live sporting events from around the world.

It offered reliable stream links and multiple sources for each game, so there would be less buffering time and a comprehensive library of thousands of international and domestic games. Sadly, the site was eventually shut down in 2019 due to legal issues related to copyright infringement.

Wiziwig Not Working? Explained

As mentioned earlier, Wiziwig has been offline since 2019, so none of its streams are available anymore. So if you’ve tried visiting the original website and found that it doesn’t work, don’t worry, as plenty of alternatives still offer a similar streaming service.

Wiziwig FAQs

Is There A Way To Stream Sports Online For Free?

Yes, several sites, such as CricFree and OffsideTV, offer reliable streams for free on several sports, so you don’t have to pay for all the action! However, it’s worth noting that these sites tend to include more ads than paid services, so you’ll have to bear with those.

Are Wiziwig Alternatives Legal?

It depends on which country you are accessing a streaming website from, as some countries’ anti-piracy laws may not allow specific stream sites in their jurisdiction.

We recommend researching or consulting an attorney before signing up for any of these alternatives to ensure they are legal where you live!

Are There Any Apps For Watching Sports?

Several apps, such as FuboTV and JioTV, offer a dedicated streaming service to watch your favorite teams right on the go! Plus, most of these are free, with some offering exclusive content.

Just make sure to check each app’s terms & conditions before signing up or making any purchases just to be safe.

What Video Formats Are Used On Sports Streaming Sites?

Most streaming sites support the HLS and RTMP video formats, so you can watch your favorite games in decent quality without installing extra plugins or codecs.

We recommend using a browser that supports HTML5, such as Google Chrome, for optimal performance.

Do You Need A VPN To Access Sports Streaming Services?

It’s unnecessary, but using a VPN when streaming on sites such as Wiziwig alternatives can be beneficial, especially if you want to keep your data secure.

A reliable VPN can also help protect you from malicious actors or hackers looking to exploit your information. The world of sports streaming is constantly evolving, and so are the streaming sites!

With all these fantastic Wiziwig alternatives available, you’re spoilt for choice when watching your favorite events online. So why not look at them now and see which suits your needs best?

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