In the recent technological era, many different up-gradations have been introduced to the world. Starting from automated cars to 3D printing technology, many new things are being invented which have the potential to change the face of the world’s technology.

One of the most crucial industrial developments is seen in the printing technology. From the general two-dimensional prints, now one can print a figure in its three-dimensional form, mastering the effect of printing technology. Usually 3D printers are developed based on two technologies- Stereolithography or SLA and the Fused Deposition Modelling or FDM.

Both are best in their own fields and hence sometimes it’s difficult to choose the one. However, it is far more difficult to choose the best 3D printer. It is not because you have a lot of options but because the technology of the printers is quite complex. That’s why no compromise could be allowed.

If you are stuck in choosing between the best and effective 3D printer, then you should definitely buy the Wanhao Duplicator i3. Why? Let’s have an insight into the incredible features of this 3D printer!

Up-graded hotend technology

In most of the 3d printers, the hotend is one of the most important parts as it controls an even temperature throughout the print and also helps in the melting of the filament tubes. Polytetrafluoroethane is generally used but it cannot withstand temperatures higher than 250 degree centigrade.

This is the reason why Wanhao duplicator i3 has incorporated the new Micro Swiss full metal hotend. This allows you to have a temperature over 250-degree centigrade and hence you can create sharper and minute details in your 3D prints. Also, the melting of the filament tube is consistent and you can use Nylon and Polycarbonates. This has widened the filament application of the 3D printers.

Improvised cooling fan

The choice of the cooling fan is important since it determines the proper formation of your design. In earlier times, stock box fans with metal ducts were used. These weren’t efficient to cool the hot filament melts immediately before it starts deformation. The air velocity and volume weren’t sufficient to produce sharp edges, perfect curves, and the exact design.

This is why i3 has used the newest radial duct fans, which produces a large airflow with optimum velocity. This ensures that the cooling is perfect and on time. Wanhao uses Thorped’s fan with three duct faces.

Composite plate of the Y-axis

The Y-axis Cartesian bed in Wanhao duplicator i3 printer is made up of aluminium. This has an additional advantage over the general Cartesian carrier beds. Aluminium has made it less corrosive and also light, thereby reducing the overall weight of the printer. Also the gliding effect has increased to a great level due to the decreased weight of the plate.

Z brace mod

The Z-brace modification in i3 has improve the rigidity of the machine and also the printing quality. It connects the Z-axis to the front of the printer by a eight millimetre rod. The link is made of solid material and hence you can fix the printer using only four screws. In case of some of the rough prints, the metal threads allow more support and hence keep the printing part safe.

Updated bearings

In the latest Wanhao Duplicator i3, the usual metal ball bearings LM8UU have been replaced with the linear plastic bearings of IGUS RJ4JP. The use of the plastic ball bearings has made it possible to increase the working efficiency of the printer.

  • Plastic bearings result in less friction and hence wear and tear is much less in comparison to that of metal bearings.
  • Plastic bearings have resistance to dust, dirt, and even rust. This is why they are now being considered to be a replacement of the general bronze bearing, steel bearings, and so on.
  • You don’t have to apply the lubricants often and decrease the efficiency of the prints.
  • Another added benefit is the cost-effectiveness of the bearings. They cost much less than the usual metal ones.

Surface up-gradation

I3 is having a borosilicate glass flat plate, which allows considerable expansion and contraction during the printing. If you find this expensive, you can also go for the normal tempered glass which is more effective in staying intact during the heating process.In the recent technological era, many different up-gradations have been introduced to the world. Starting from automated cars to 3D printing technology, many new things are being invented which have potential to change the face of the world’s technology.

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