VPN, the popular abbreviation for Virtual Private Network, has become very common today when compared to the old days. Wondering why? The Internet has been changing as well. Still, we see a big number of people who believe that VPN is like the icing on cake — it is not, at least right now.

    In this post, we explain why we think VPN is the need of the hour. In the later part, we can also discuss how to select the best VPN for your needs. We are not going to the technical aspects like how a VPN works or the process behind enhanced security, though.

    Shall we start?

    Why VPN is The Need of the Hour?

    Internet has come a long way in the past decades, and becoming a crucial part of our lives was one of biggest things it did. Now, we even have discussions on topics like Internet Privacy, Digital Identity and the bad side of all these. Let’s face it: The Internet has become a threatening place for at least some people. There are a number of traps, from the authorities and hackers alike. You never know who is snooping into your browsing history and activities.

    For instance, many countries have started surveillance programs that put user-privacy under risk. We hope you have heard about the NSA PRISM program. While we don’t need specifics, it means that there are many entities peeping into what you are doing on the Internet. Using a VPN is one of the most effective ways for preventing this scenario. When you’re using a VPN, everything the surveilling authority can see is encrypted form of data.

    VPNs also offer enhanced security while accessing the Internet from places that offer public Wi-Fi. We hope you know that your security is vulnerable while using these networks. VPNs help you overcome this threat, by channeling the data through encrypted tunnels. Last but not least, you will be able to get rid of geographic restrictions as well. At the end of the day, VPN Services offer you some extra perks other than the impressive level of security and peace of mind.

    How to Choose the Best VPN for You?

    As it happens, there is an immense number of VPN services available as of now. Not every service would be suitable for you, even if you are ready to pay. So, there are a few steps that will help you choose the suitable VPN service for you.

    • Check Reviews

    There are websites like hosting.review that offer detailed reviews of VPN services. This way, you’ll get clear and comprehensive idea about how a VPN service works and how good it is. So, the next time someone has a VPN recommendation for you, you should check up some reviews before adding it to the good-list.

    • Ease of Use

    Just because you need extra security does not mean that it should be hard. While picking a VPN service, you should see if the interface is easy to use. For instance, the connection time must be less and there shouldn’t be much speed throttling. The point is that your Internet should not become hard due to the VPN tech.

    • Platform Support

    Your Mac or PC are not the only devices that need VPN protection. As a matter of fact, your smartphones do need it more. So, before confirming a VPN service, you should check the aspect of platform support. Make sure that you can use the same service on multiple devices too.

    • Price

    There are a number of free VPN services, but they have some disadvantages, of course. If you need seamless access to the aforesaid features, it’s recommended that you purchase a premium VPN service. This will be an awesome investment for sure.

    Summing Up

    We hope this guide will help you understand the need of the VPN and choose the right one. Of course, there is no denial that Internet is transparent or that you can stay secure forever. So, at least when you are trying to access content via public Wi-Fi or while accessing something that is blocked in your area.

    Richard is an experienced tech journalist and blogger who is passionate about new and emerging technologies. He provides insightful and engaging content for Connection Cafe and is committed to staying up-to-date on the latest trends and developments.