The modern world has made life easier with the ease at which people can share information. From sharing data in real-time to accessing important company data on multiple devices, collaboration becomes easier by the day as productivity rates continue to rise. Sadly, so do cybersecurity threats continue becoming even more damaging. 

Even sadder, 73% of companies aren’t ready to face an attack by hackers, according to Inc. One of the best ways such companies can stay ready for cyber threats is to stick to traffic analysis. Not only will this help identify threats from miles away but also help prevent application loopholes that might lead to downtimes.

Here are four reasons for investing in traffic analysis solutions:

Help Prevent Insider Threats 

There is a lot you can tell from monitoring distributed systems, more specifically, monitoring your application traffic. Through analyzing the normal flow of your traffic, you can get to formulate a baseline for performance. As a result, anything that deviates from the baseline expectation can be termed as an anomaly. 

In some cases, such anomalies might be caused by employees who left a security loophole in the system either on purpose or accidentally. Either way, such loopholes can easily result in application performance issues if left unattended to. Traffic analysis can help identify such issues in good time before they turn into a menace. 

Help Stop Hackers 

Hackers can gain access to your network through various channels from simply launching a virus to infecting devices such as laptops. Once they gain access to your application infrastructure, they can then turn off antiviruses among other security tools making it tough to identify their intrusion. In other cases, some will launch threats that will spread throughout your IT infrastructure in a way that will be regarded as the normal functioning of programs. 

Network traffic analysis tools allow IT professionals to not only monitor the network perimeters but also have some insight on how the network is performing in the endpoints. This way, they can identify such invisible threats in good time and deal with them from the root cause. 

It Acts As a Complementary Threat Intelligence Tool

Preventative measures will only take you so far when it comes to data breaches. Hackers can always find ways to break into your security system. While security tools such as log-based solutions can help to identify these threats, it can take a lot of time to assess a threat as your security team needs to analyze the logs in the first place.

If the hacker did a great job, identifying the loophole in the application becomes even tougher. This doesn’t mean that log-based tools are ineffective, but when combined with traffic analysis tools, identifying these issues becomes even easier. As a result, the threats can be eliminated in with more certainty and intelligence. 

Mitigate Losses from Data Breaches 

The longer a data breach or even a performance loophole exists in your system, the more losses your organization will have to deal with. For instance, a threat that makes the application run slow will mean that you can’t serve customers as fast as you might want. On the other hand, cybercriminals will continue to exploit this vulnerability.

Looking for any deviation from the normal by focusing on the network traffic can simply help to identify these issues that could have lasted years unidentified. As a result, this will mean minimized losses for the organization as well as improved application performance levels.


Optimal application performance levels can never be achieved by simply relying on a single security and performance solution. The trick is to combine traffic analysis solutions with other application performance management tools. Consider investing in a traffic analysis tool to enjoy the above and more benefits.