There have been enough discussions on what PHP stands for, in terms of full form. It is, however, sure that it stands as the core pillar of web development today. In the course of time, developing on PHP has become a lot easier too, all thanks to some awesome PHP frameworks out there.

    Initially released in 2015, Symfony is one of those incredible PHP frameworks. It is also set to stay as one of the popular choices in the upcoming months. In this article, we wanted to give you a brief intro to Symfony and talk why Symfony is the next big PHP framework.

    What is Symfony?

    Before we talk about Symfony Framework, you should know about Symfony Components.

    Symfony Components is a set of reusable PHP components, powering some of the popular PHP applications like Drupal and eZ Publish. Now, Symfony Framework has been built on top of these components, and functions as a framework for developing PHP-powered websites and web applications.

    Just so you know, using a framework can really help you enhance the customized development process. Now that you have an idea, we will see what makes Symfony the best.

    Why Symfony Is the Next Best PHP Framework?

    There are a few reasons why Symfony development is getting bigger and bigger, you know. We will be talking about a few of them, why you may want to use Symfony for developing your next website or web app.

    #1 Highly Flexible

    Compared to other PHP frameworks out there, Symfony is quite feature-rich. These features are included so that the overall flexibility of development experience is improved. While you can use Bundles for adding the features like blog and shopping cart to the website, Components are designed to enhance the development process overall. The latter also allows you to custom-develop modules and other areas. This dual-end system is also helpful in establishing less dependence on architecture.

    #2 A Large Community

    As we said earlier, the world of Symfony is growing big like never before. It means more and more companies are shifting to this wonderful PHP framework for extended purposes. As an individual developer, it means a lot to you. There is a wonderful collection of documentation and support material you can find on the web. Even the development part is impressive, because 2000+ people are working on this framework across the globe. Altogether, there is so much resources to depend on.

    #3 Simple and Stable

    There is no claim that anyone can develop using the Symfony framework. However, compared to others out there in the industry, Symfony is simpler and more stable. From writing code to testing it, everything can be streamlined in this system. Of course, the availability of resource material is a contributing factor here. Some developers also add that the whole infrastructure of Symfony is useful when it comes to faster development. People also love the fact that codes are reusable in Symfony.

    #4 Reliable

    Symfony is currently one of the most reliable PHP frameworks out there. We are not talking about the codes only. Just so you know, a number of ventures are using Symfony to build their websites, including National Geographic, TED and Vogue. As you may have noticed, all these websites are pretty big and receive a bigger number of visits every second. This instance just again proves that Symfony is one of the frameworks you can trust, although it may not be that older.

    The Bottom Line

    These are, we believe, the reasons why Symphony is the next big PHP framework out there. If you have one website or web app that is powered by PHP, this is the right time to make the shift to Symfony.

    Richard is an experienced tech journalist and blogger who is passionate about new and emerging technologies. He provides insightful and engaging content for Connection Cafe and is committed to staying up-to-date on the latest trends and developments.