Automation has entered the world of business through the big door. At the start, when there was no competition at all, automation solutions were incredibly expensive. This made them reserved for big enterprises. Today, we have a completely different market.

Automation solutions have flooded the landscape, prices have gone significantly down. Thanks to this, even small businesses in the IT sector can automate their processes. Since the budget is no longer an obstacle, let us help you make a decision as to whether to adopt this tech or not.

We will give you the answer to the ultimate question – “Why is automation a lifesaver for small businesses in IT?”

Improves Customer Experience

In a world where the customer-centric paradigm is the bread and butter of running a successful operation, you have to do all everything your power to improve the customer experience. Automation provides the means and resources to small businesses in IT to do this.

For instance, chatbots powered by machine learning and natural language processing can greatly improve how customers interact with your brand. Thanks to these technologies, small businesses can now understand what their customers want and what they are trying to do. Every interaction, including special offers, becomes custom-tailored and automated. Achieving this in a makeshift manner is literally impossible.

Every single interaction with a customer drains time your limited staff has on its hands. Automation will help you with this boring and repetitive processes. With such a solution, in the long run, your staff will have more time to focus on real problems, provide a high-quality customer experience and, ultimately, help you differentiate yourself from the competition on the market.

Lowers Support Costs

Customer support departments are vital to the success of any business. For small businesses in the IT sector, these departments play yet another important role. An efficient and productive customer support center can lead to growth and prosperity.

But to empower the support center to provide this kind of help to both the customers and the company, you will need to hire more staff and invest in an IT infrastructure. Add the costs of live chat and customer relationship management software solutions to this and you will be well outside your budget.

This is where automation comes as a real lifesaver. With an automation solution, you can address the increasing number of customers without having to hire new staff, subscribe to more expensive business software plans, or invest in infrastructure.

Sophisticated, yet affordable solutions are able to automate low-level customer support tasks. While on the one hand, this practice helps you reduce costs, on the other it helps you free up human resources and empower them to deliver high-quality results.

Can Serve as Live Support Through Text-to-Speech

Ever since the IT giant, Google, started talking about voice searches, the world went crazy about it. Thanks to technological advancements, today we have Google Assistant, Siri, Cortana, Alexa, and many other voice-enabled assistants. It appears that people prefer to interact with their devices handsfree. According to eMarketer, almost 60 million Americans use a voice-activated assistant device at least once a month. The number of voice-enabled assistant use cases has gone up by an amazing 130%.

Now you might think that getting such an advanced solution to serve your customers is way too expensive, but trust us, it is really not. In fact, the best text-to-speech chatbot is available for free. Thanks to the rapid development in this field, this tech has been made available to everyone, regardless of the fact that it packs some cutting-edge tech such as NLP, AI, and machine learning.

This is a unique opportunity for small businesses to ride the technology wave and reap all of its benefits, much like the big players in the industry do. The text-to-speech feature chatbots have adds more humanity to the interactions with your customers. And it makes engaging with the chatbot more convenient.

Improved Lead Capture

The processes of lead generation, nurturing, and capturing are time-consuming, heavy on resources, and costly. The main problem that underlines all of these processes is the abundance of repetitive and boring tasks. Nevertheless, each sub-process in your lead capturing efforts is crucial for the success of the entire operation.

Automation is able to bring a significant change to your lead capturing operations. For instance, automation software is able to collect the data your customers provide via web forms on your official website and import it directly to your CRM solution. You will also be able to leverage automation to match the customers’ reasons for reaching out to you with your custom tailored email messages.

And, ultimately, automation will help you never forget to follow up with an initial lead, which is the most important step in the lead generation process. Since automation solutions can be set up to use your personal email for sending bulk messages, it will make a huge difference. The leads will be under the impression that you’ve reached out to them personally which will push them in the right direction in terms of reaching the purchasing decision you want them to reach.

Consistency of Service

At last, we come to the consistency. Consistency is probably the most commonly used word in content these days. And there is a good reason for it. In our case, as a small business, you have to start thinking of building a brand. The service you provide is a very important aspect of it. But not just the service itself, also the way you provide it.

Making every message, email, and other interactions appear uniform manually is virtually impossible. With automation, you can get all of this sorted out effortlessly. The initial setup and writing templates are the only things you will have to worry about. From that point on, the automation solution will deliver a consistent service to every prospect, lead, or customer. And more importantly, via all the channels that you want.

As you can see, automation is a real lifesaver for small businesses in IT. It helps them speed things up internally, and deliver a great, consistent, and personalized service to their customers. If you want to learn more about automation and its benefits, we are sure that you’ll be able to find a lot of valuable resources online.