Every day thousands of viewers watch the live streams of gamers and become active participants by discussing the games, their difficulties, and even talking about new stuff like free spins games. A few days back the final of League of Legends tournament was watched by nearly 32 million people. This raises a very natural question why do people simply watch others playing the games. What joy do they derive in this activity? Here, through this article, we will discuss the various aspects of this question and see how can watching the streams help you in gaining confidence when you play some popular multiplayer title or any free spin game.

The Curious World of Gaming Streams

Compared to the other forms of internet media, streaming video games can be called a relatively new phenomenon. It did not gain prominence with the arrival of the internet as it is a very data-heavy service. Streaming live games became a fashion only when affordable high-speed internet connection became common. But since then watching others play and streaming your own gameplay has become a very popular internet sensation. Recently a popular streaming site called Twitch raised a billion in funding. This site provides a platform for gamers to stream their gameplay. As a matter of fact, this site now amounts to nearly 2% of high-speed internet traffic in the USA.

From Pew Die Pie to Carryminati, the community of those who stream games and those who watch such videos has come a long way. This is because people tend to enjoy the euphoria associated with playing games and definitely want to be a part of this activity. Here are the main reasons behind this growing culture.

Helping Them Cross a Level

Professional gamers often broadcast their practice sessions. This helps their followers in crossing some hard levels or locations, that they themselves are stuck at. Players often stream their gameplay along with a dry commentary that explains to the viewer what their thought process was. This prepares the viewers to tackle their own level in a similar manner.

Learning New Tricks

It is a matter of fact that professional gamers do not play a game in a manner similar to the other amateurs. They have a certain degree of proficiency and a subtle way of doing things. A move here and a punch there can make all the difference in multiplayer gaming. It is their mannerisms about dealing with situations in a game that attracts the viewers. They not only enjoy the ‘live demonstration’ of skills but also learn it themselves.

Community Engagement

The gaming community is, very often, a close-knit community where the participants share thought, philosophy, and see the world in the same light. They adore the same characters and prefer the same kind of music. The live stream of games acts as an amazing convergent platform where they see their problems being solved in a professional manner. They get to chat, discuss, and criticize someone’s technique. Thus the sense of community engagement definitely acts as a common uniting factor for the viewers.

Cult Of Personality

Professionals in any field command a certain degree of respect from their peers. Most of the professional gamers have definitely got an alluring personality and have an enigmatic charm that attracts their viewers. In them, their viewers see an ocean of endless possibilities, an achievable position, and an enviable fortune. Hence, many of the young audience spends endless hours watching their demigods play their favourite game. It is no wonder why these players get surrounded by scores of fans once they step into the streets.

Hence, it is very clear that there is a myriad of reasons behind the ever-growing popularity of live streaming of gameplay. And this phenomenon is quietly growing into an industry as the players all across the globe are finding innovative ways of keeping their audience occupied. On some platforms like Salty Bet, players can place imaginary bets against two computer-controlled characters fighting each other. With all the advancements in the gaming industry and hundreds of interesting games in the pipeline, it is only going to get more interesting for streamers and their viewers.

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