Searching for the perfect business idea to set yourself up as an entrepreneur? Beekeeping could be the opportunity you’ve been looking for.

    Not only is Australian honey considered one of the best in the world, but bees are also crucial to the environment. So, by setting up as a beekeeper, you’ll be supplying the finest Australian honey while you help to protect these vital creatures.

    Here, you’ll discover why beekeeping is an attractive business opportunity and what makes Australian honey so popular.

    Why Consider a Career in Beekeeping?

    There are a few notable benefits of becoming a beekeeper in Australia. Firstly, you’ll be helping to protect our crucial food sources. Bees are crucial in the role of pollinating the crops we eat. In fact, it’s thought that the pollination of honeybees benefits around two thirds of the country’s agricultural production. If bees didn’t exist, our main food sources would be major trouble.

    The industry is also a lucrative one, generating approximately $100 million each year in Australia. As honeybees are now considered under threat, you’ll also be helping to boost their numbers and protect this vital species. 

    What Makes Australian Honey so Popular?

    Australian honey has developed a reputation for being the best in the world. Jarrah honey has become especially popular thanks to its fantastic anti-microbial properties. It is very similar to the Manuka honey produced in New Zealand, only it’s made using a different mechanism.

    A lot of honey varieties made in the country are created from native flora. This gives them a unique flavour profile. 

    Understanding The Rules And Regulations

    When setting up a beekeeping business in Australia, you’ll need to register your beehives with the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development. This helps to maintain the exceptionally high biosecurity standards and is a legal requirement you’ll need to meet.

    Once you’ve registered your hives, you’ll receive a certificate along with a UBI (Unique Brand Identifier). You’ll need to ensure that this UBI is printed on your entire beekeeping equipment including the hives themselves. There are costs involved and these will depend upon how many hives you have.

    There’s also an annual Agricultural Produce Commission fee to pay. This helps to cover the cost of pest and disease surveillance.  

    Top Tips For Creating The Best Honey

    While beekeeping is a great business idea, you’ll need to know how to create the perfect honey if you want to stand out in the industry. Did you know for example, that water content plays a large role in how well the honey stays fresh?

    Ideally, the honey produced should have a water content of around 20% before it is extracted from the hive. However, make the content too low and the honey will start to crystallise. This means you’re going to need an accurate measuring tool such as a refractor to maintain the right water levels. You’ll find a great range of high-quality refractors from RS Components.

    Another great tip is to ensure you’re choosing a calm queen bee when populating the hive. This is especially important if you’re setting up the hives in an urban area. A calm queen will produce calmer offspring. You can also help to keep the bees calm when you need to get into the hive, by utilising a smoker.

    Overall, beekeeping is a fantastic career to get into as an entrepreneur in Australia. Not only can you use it to make a very good profit, but you’ll also be doing your part for the environment. Prior to setting up a beekeeping business, it’s a good idea to do as much research as you can.  

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