As the weather warms up, many of us will be heading to a festival to drink, dance, get muddy and sleep beneath the stars in a tent. Festivals are amazing experiences, but they are also hotspots for gadget theft. A recent gadget theft at festivals study by SwitchedOn Insurance found that an average of £174,663 can be stolen during a single festival. This study also showed that, though the number of incidents of thefts is increasing at most big festivals (at Glastonbury thefts were down by a substantial 71%), the value of gadgets that are being stolen is increasing (by as much as 53% at festivals such as Latitude). Smartphones are the most likely item to be stolen at a festival, but you should also watch out for your wallet, laptop, tablet, camera, car keys and cash.

Festivals: The Risks

Why are festivals such hotspots for gadget theft. Here are three many reasons:

  • Insecure storage spaces: many festival goers prefer to sleep in a traditional tent, which is very easy for third parties to break in to.
  • A general lack of caution: when festivalgoers are drinking, dancing and focusing on having a good time with friends, gadget security is often low on their list of priorities.
  • Opportunism: festivals pack large numbers of people together in a confined space. With so many strangers together, constantly moving around, it is relatively easy for opportunistic thieves to grab a smartphone from a back pocket and disappear into the crowds.

Keeping your gadgets safe during festivals: four hot tips

Follow these four tips and you will be able to party all through the weekend without spending the final hours of the festival frantically trying to catch whoever has plundered your smartphone from your tend.

1) Find a secure space to store your gadgets

A heavy portable safe that you can keep in your tent is a good option, as is locking all of your valuable electronic items in a concealed location in your car.

2) Keep your gadgets securely on your person

Concealed slash proof smartphone belts, or sturdy neck straps for cameras will help to ensure that your gadgets cannot be grabbed from you opportunistically in a packed music tent.
3) Leave more expensive gadgets at home

Why take an expensive camera or smartphone to a festival when you can purchase a cheap disposable camera or a pay as you go SIM phone for less than £10? Losing these items will be frustrating, but it is much better than losing a smartphone worth several hundreds of pounds.

4) Get the right insurance

If the worst comes to the worst and your smartphone or other devices are stolen at a festival, gadget insurance will ensure that you are not left out of pocket. Check if your smartphone or tablet is covered by your existing household insurance policy (this study shows that around &2% of tablets and 42% of phones are), and if not, take out a separate policy for them now.