Sales engagement is an art form that has been around for a long time. It involves financial and emotional exchanges between salespersons and their customers. However, it is an entirely different thing today. Sales engagement is now a precise science, all thanks to the introduction of a sales engagement platform that facilitates both interactions and sales.

About 70% of today’s companies that are implementing sales engagement platforms enjoy having more streamlined processes as well as higher success rates.

It is evident that the change in the use of a sales engagement platform can have a considerable impact on a company’s profitability. However, some companies that could benefit from following suit worry that automation can affect the quality of their respective sellers’ communication with prospective customers.

Then there is also the concern that sales engagement platforms are just added tools that can increase clutter as well as unnecessary expenses. However, this is very from the truth. What they do is that they bring different sales software together. 

They integrate customer relationship management (CRM) with various tools to automate the sales process. What’s more, they give analytics helpful for increasing sales and ultimately, profits. 

Are you one of the many companies that still do not use sales engagement platforms? It’s about time that you have a change of mind. Here are some of the reasons why you can expect increased sales and profits if you incorporate one into your operations:

Increased Engagement Data

One of the challenges that salespersons face is figuring out the decision-making process of their customers. Thanks to sales engagement platform, the sales team can understand better why the buyers act in specific ways. Available tools like real-time data on buyer behavior, help salespersons nurture their relationships with their customers. This also allows for the replacement of standard sales decks with a more personalized sales approach.

Lowered Training Time and Cost

It can take months to train new account executives and salespersons. It can also take a while for the effect of training, in the form of productivity, to come into being. This takes up not only precious time but also money. Conserving valuable resources can become more effective through the automation of the different sales processes and the use of a sales playbook.

Reduced Administrative Time

Salespersons spend about 30% of their time talking to their potential customers. The rest goes to carrying out various administrative tasks such as composing emails and organizing documents. 

Instead of winning the hearts of buyers and raking in profits, the time and energy of the sales team go elsewhere. Sales engagement platforms unify various administrative tasks seamlessly, thus allowing salespersons to focus more on making a sale.

Unified Buyers’ Experience

The use of the same platform is beneficial for the entire sales team. However, not a lot are aware that it can also be helpful for the customers themselves. That’s because it enables the salespersons to use information coming from the onset throughout the sales process. Such allows the customers to feel that someone understands them.

In Conclusion

The sheer importance of the use of sales engagement platforms these days is clear. It brings together different tools used by companies. This results in the simplification and facilitation of making sales and raking in profits.

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