Over 3 billion people now play video games around the world and the gaming industry as a whole brings in more revenue than film, TV and music combined. In fact, the projected revenue for the games market is set to reach almost $400 billion this year. Gaming is currently the most popular form of entertainment media, and it looks like the sector will continue to build strength for some time to come.

However, whether you’re a dedicated gamer or a newcomer to the scene, you might find yourself wondering which gaming platform is the right one for you. The true answer is: all of them. People tend to find that they like aspects from all different forms of gaming but stick with a favourite most of the time.

Which Gaming Platform Is Right for You?

It can still be useful to think about which format is best suited to your current needs, budget and time constraints, though. By using the right gaming platform, you can optimise your playing time which will hopefully lead to more enjoyment, success and satisfaction.

So, what are the main gaming platforms and their unique advantages?

PC & Browser

For many years, PC gaming was seen as the pinnacle of what could be achieved by developers. Desktop computers were more powerful and more easily customisable than any other device, and therefore they could run more powerful game mechanics and graphics.

PCs no longer dominate the industry in the way they once did, but they still have many advantages over other platforms. For one, digital storefronts like Steam and Itch.io stock tens of thousands of gaming titles available to download and play, rather than restricting gamers to those titles released for a certain console. The fact that PCs can be built from scratch to a player’s exact specifications is also a big draw.

Browser-based gaming and other online options, likewise, offer immense variety in terms of genre, gameplay, and system requirements. In recent years, traditional favourites like roulette have migrated from brick-and-mortar casinos to online platforms, where different variants can be played with other people from across the globe. Offering more accessible and expertly tailored gaming experiences like this is one of the major benefits to modern PC gaming.

Mobile Devices

The main breakaway platform at the moment, however, is mobile gaming. Gone are the days of clunky, repetitive mobile titles with a narrow array of options and lack of replay value. Instead, mobile devices can now host everything from puzzlers to MOBAs to AAA titles with little difficulty or need for upgrade.

Of course, it does help to have the latest and most capable smartphone, tablet or other mobile device if you want to play games with high quality graphics and complex gameplay. However, any modern smartphone will be able to handle popular titles such as Pokémon Go, Roblox and Among Us, and most current phones can handle bigger games like Call of Duty: Mobile, Fortnite and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

The main benefit to playing on a mobile device is that it’s portable. When you’re out and about – waiting in line, commuting to work and back, taking a break – you can take out your smartphone and pick up your game right from where you left it last time. Many titles are now incorporating cross-play capabilities too, meaning that you can join in with friends playing from home if you have your mobile device with you.

Despite their relatively slow start, the newest iterations of console from Sony and Microsoft are
doing well. Nintendo’s Switch, with its updated OLED screen, is also still a major player in the
market, despite first being released in 2017. The future of console gaming hangs somewhat in
the balance because more adaptable platforms like PC and mobile are offering customers
greater flexibility, but the console is not about to die out just yet.
Many people enjoy console gaming because they can access exclusive titles, use hardware
built entirely for providing excellent gameplay, and indulge in brand loyalty which they have
cultivated over decades. Consoles are also seen as easier to use by some people, as they don’t
require any special knowhow and upgrades only come once every 5 years or so.

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