It is a simple understanding that when you invest in such a sophisticated, powerful software as Salesforce, you would want to see the magic right away.

And why not, because the Salesforce data from users around the world is nothing short of magic.

  • Over 35% increase in customer satisfaction.
  • Over 34% increase in productivity
  • An average of 25% increase in marketing ROI 

So naturally, after implementing the system, you would want to get on the list of happy customers as soon as possible. 

Well, we have got all the secrets for you that will help you in taking full advantage of your Salesforce CRM solution.

Read on.

1. Work on customer information

It might happen that your sales rep are still dependant upon files and binders loaded with post-its for bookmarking for all the customer information. The most important thing to do in such cases is to bring them forth to the twenty-first century. 

After that, you need to start working creating a 360-degree view of your customer base, that is, making the information visible with Salesforce. This is a very important step because rummaging through old data and files to find specific information can be time-consuming, even with well-maintained records. 

When CRM gives you the capability of finding data from any period of time for every client in just a few clicks, then it is, rather, a mandate to streamline it for your sales team. 

2. Don’t forget the mobile

Another sure-shot way of maximizing the effectiveness of the Salesforces is by tapping into the mobile access of the software. 

This is because, in between of client meeting, marketing events and traveling, your sales team might miss out on important updates. Salesforce CRM provides access to mobile application for your team to make the most of their times. 

This mobile application will not just help them find any required information anytime but also, they can record any information any time. 

So if your sales rep is traveling for client meetings, they do not have to wait to get back to their computer system, rather, they can log call records and cases on the go. This saves them the time of making shorthand notes and later trying to remember why had they written something, thereby, increasing the information accuracy. 

3. Lead scoring made easy

With the many integrations in salesforce, nurturing has scoring leads becomes much easier. Salesforce captures the website visitors’ information automatically for you to effortlessly create a list of potential leads based on visitor behavior. 

If this functionality is paired with CardLasso which is a native Salesforce app, you can automatically and easily transcribe cards into potential leads. And this feature will not only save a lot of time for your team but also the analytics function will allow them to trail the individual performances of all your lead sources. With this information, you can recognize the factors responsible for capturing quality leads and re-evaluate your sales processes. 

4. Don’t forget about the email templates 

It is not a surprise that salespeople spend a lot of time composing perfect emails. However, with Salesforce CRM, you get many timesaving email templates. While not being too generic in tone, these templates can prove to be highly convenient for your team, especially when used in conjunction with Salesforce outlook integration.

They are customizable and can be broadcasted to multiple contacts. Be it an introductory mail or a stage 3 mail, they are sure to reduce the time or wordsmithing for all of your people. 


Salesforce can work its magic to as far as you allow it. Increasing your team’s speed and efficiency is the key that Salesforce works with and if you are utilizing all of its features to their best, you will see results in no time. 

Richard is an experienced tech journalist and blogger who is passionate about new and emerging technologies. He provides insightful and engaging content for Connection Cafe and is committed to staying up-to-date on the latest trends and developments.