Graveler, a rock-hard and ground-based Pokémon, is known for its immense strength and unwavering endurance. But at what level does Graveler evolve in Arceus, and how can you expedite this evolution? This comprehensive guide is here to answer all your queries and walk you through the process in a step-by-step manner.

Graveler Evolve in Arceus

Understanding Graveler and Its Evolutionary Line

Graveler is an intriguing Pokémon with a fascinating evolutionary line. It’s the middle stage, with Geodude being the first stage and Golem, in the final stage. But how do we take Graveler to its full potential by evolving it into Golem? Let’s uncover the mystery.

Evolutionary Mechanism of Graveler

Unlike other Pokémon that evolve upon reaching a certain level, Graveler’s evolution method is unique. It requires the use of an item known as a Linking Cord. With the Linking Cord, you can evolve Graveler into Golem, irrespective of its level.

Graveler using Linking Cord in Arceus

Obtaining the Linking Cord

The key to evolving Graveler is the Linking Cord, a special item in Arceus. You can obtain it through various methods, each offering a different level of challenge and adventure.

Purchasing in Town

You can buy a Linking Cord in the town for 1000 Merit Points. You can earn Merit Points through various tasks in the game, such as catching new Pokémon and completing research tasks.

Purchasing Linking Cord in Arceus

Space-Time Distortions

Sometimes, you can find Linking Cords for free in space-time distortions, laying on the ground. These distortions occur randomly, so keep an eye out for them during your gameplay.

Side Quests

You can also get a free Linking Cord for completing specific side quests. For example, in one side quest, you need to get level 10 research for Gastly and show the man so his “kid” won’t be scared of them anymore. Upon completion, you receive a Linking Cord as a reward.

Side Quest Reward Linking Cord in Arceus

Evolution Process: From Graveler to Golem

Once you’ve obtained a Linking Cord, the next step is to use it on Graveler. Navigate to your bag, locate the Linking Cord, and use it on Graveler. Once done, Graveler will start to evolve, and voila, you now have a Golem.

Graveler’s Moves and Abilities

Graveler, being a rock and ground Pokémon, has some interesting abilities and moves that can be quite handy during battles.

Some of its known abilities include Rock Head, Sturdy, and Sand Veil, while its move set ranges from Tackle and Defense Curl to Rock Slide and Earthquake.

Graveler Moves and Abilities in Arceus

Knowing Graveler’s Stats

Understanding Graveler’s stats can help you utilize them better in your battles. Graveler possesses high physical strength, with impressive Attack and Defense stats. However, its Speed and Special Attack are comparatively low.

Graveler’s Location in Arceus

If you don’t already have a Graveler and wish to catch one, there are several locations in the Hisui region where you can find this Pokémon.

Some known Graveler locations include the Obsidian Fieldlands and Crimson Mirelands. Remember, you need to search in rocky terrain.

Graveler Locations in Arceus

Why Choose Golem?

Golem, the final evolution of Graveler, is a formidable addition to your team. It has excellent physical stats, with its Attack and Defense being exceptionally high.

Moreover, its move set becomes more diverse and powerful after evolution. For instance, it can learn moves like Heavy Slam and Stone Edge.

How to Get the Best Moveset for Golem

To optimize Golem’s battle performance, you need to choose the best move set for it. A typical Golem movement includes Earthquake, Stone Edge, Heavy Slam, and Stealth Rock.

Best Moveset for Golem in Arceus

Final Thoughts

Graveler’s evolution into Golem in Arceus is an exciting process, offering an enhanced gameplay experience and a strategic edge in battles. Remember, the key to this evolution is the Linking Cord, which can be obtained through various methods.

Now that you know how to evolve Graveler in Arceus, it’s time to embark on your journey and make the most out of your adventures in the Hisui region.

Frequently Asked Questions

What level does Graveler evolve in Arceus?

Graveler doesn’t evolve at a specific level in Arceus. Instead, it evolves when a Linking Cord is used on it.

Where can I find a Linking Cord in Arceus?

You can purchase a Linking Cord in town for 1000 Merit Points. Alternatively, you can find them in space-time distortions or receive them as rewards for completing certain side quests.

What are some of the best moves for Graveler in Arceus?

Some of Graveler’s best moves include Earthquakes, Rock Slides, and Rollout.

What are the benefits of evolving Graveler into Golem in Arceus?

Evolving Graveler into Golem enhances its stats significantly, particularly its Attack and Defense. Additionally, Golem can learn powerful moves that Graveler can’t.

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