Just about every industry is innovating with technology, and the trucking industry is no different. I have laid out some of the major changes that are coming to the trucking industry and it will educate you how they will improve the industry.

The innovations are in no particular order, and keep in mind that there are even more that are not mentioned. Some of them are currently happening, and others will not be fully implemented for a while until all of the kinks are worked out.

Electric Vehicles

Unless you are living under a rock, then you should know that electric vehicles are on the horizon. Even with regular cars for everyday citizens, there are more and more electric vehicles on the road by the day. Companies like Tesla are racing to own the market share of this potentially very large industry.

The positives that make electric vehicles very appealing is that it could save money for trucking companies because electricity is much cheaper than driving a gas-powered car. Also, an electric truck is also going to have much fewer emissions into the atmosphere. For people that are worried about the environment and climate change, this is a huge positive for the cause.

A major thing that is slowing down the process of electric trucks is that there is a lack of infrastructure in regard to charging stations that are at their disposal. It will be interesting to see how quickly electric vehicles come to be popular.

Mapping Systems

With every decade that comes, we are getting way better at mapping and understanding how to get supplies from point A to point B in the most effective way. Even everyday citizens can notice that their mapping systems are better, and they are traveling more effectively.

There are elite companies that are innovating mapping and custom mapping services are becoming more popular and innovating the industry. A great mapping service is going to cut costs and improve the efficiency of the trucking industry.

Automated Trucking

You know what happens when you combine the previous two points? There is a rise in artificial intelligence and there is hope for automated trucks. Not only will it save money for a company to not have to pay the wage of a trucker, but it could be safer if the process is perfected.

Limiting human error could lead to fewer wrecks on the roads, but we still have a long way until this is a common practice in the trucking industry. Many people are still fearful of a truck not being operated by a person. But it could be a reality if we keep going on the path that we are going.

After reading those three points, it is easy to see how much innovation is happening in the sector. It will be exciting to see how much more change happens in the next decade or so. Please share the post if you found it interesting!

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