watch Korean Movies

Korean films are very entertaining and can also help you learn the language, especially with dialogue-heavy scripts.

You can find many of these films online without needing a Netflix account, buying from Amazon Prime, paying for DVDs, or using questionable sites.

In this post, we’ll explore some great options for watching hundreds of Korean movies for free and legally online.

Top 9 Sites to Watch Korean Films In 2024

Dingo K-Drama

Dingo K-Drama

No, these videos won’t be winning Sundance awards anytime soon. But Dingo K-Drama offers plenty of skits, short movies, and other free content.

You can use it to learn and stay updated with Korean pop culture. 

This can help you understand references in feature films and recognize famous entertainers.

All videos have English subtitles.

This content is similar to what you’ll find on FluentU, so if you like Dingo’s videos, try our free trial.

These short films offer fun stories in just a few minutes and often teach useful everyday language.



This site could be your main destination for Korean films online. Some movies need a premium subscription, but many can be watched for free.

Just filter by region and genre, then click on a movie to check availability. If it is, enjoy the movie with occasional ads.

AsianCrush offers a wide range of Korean films, from romantic comedies to thrillers and documentaries.

For horror or unusual films, check out Midnight Pulp, a channel owned by the same distributor as AsianCrush. There’s some overlap between the two sites, but you might find a movie on one that isn’t available on the other.

I could keep saying that it’s important to vary your film tastes. But I know some of you are here for your favorite, Park Chan-wook, and you’re in the right place.

Just know that not all of his films are available for free.

AsianCrush films have English subtitles. There is a “CC” button on the player, but the subtitles are often embedded in the film and cannot be turned off.



Netflix needs no introduction. It’s where you go when you’re bored and how you pass the time. Now, it can also help you improve your Korean skills.

Netflix has many Korean movies. Enjoy zombie flicks? Simply search for “Korean movies.” You can also choose specific categories, like “Romantic Korean Movies.”

All Korean movies on Netflix have English subtitles, and some also have Korean subtitles, so you can read along with the dialogue.

To change the language settings on a computer, start the movie and hover over the speech bubble in the lower right corner to adjust subtitles. On a Roku or other streaming device, go to “Audio and subtitles” on the program’s info screen.

After you watch one Korean movie, Netflix will recommend more. You might sit down to watch one movie and end up watching for hours, improving your Korean skills along the way.



FilmDoo lets you rent movies online and offers a nice selection of free short films. Just scroll down in the Korean category and click “Watch for Free” to see the full list.

One highlight is “Bikini Words,” a six-minute documentary. It introduces words and phrases from South Korean factories in the ’70s and ’80s while showing the tough working conditions of that time.

The film is surprisingly lighthearted, featuring former workers posing expressively with different costumes and objects.

Films on FilmDoo usually have subtitles that can be set to English or other languages.



Honestly, Viki is better for dramas than movies. It might not be one of the best sites for streaming Korean movies. But if you’re looking for free Korean movies, it’s worth checking out.

Viki is a subscription site with both premium and non-premium options. Most of its free movies have English subtitles that can be turned on and off. There are usually many subtitle options for other languages, too. The site does have ads, but that’s common for most free streaming sites.

Each scene consists of a conversation between two people and a little more. Providing excellent stripped-down listening content.

The kind that might make you want to eavesdrop while sipping your coffee. As the comments show, this film has characters that Viki users love to hate. It’s all about the drama!

Korean Classic Film

Korean Classic Film

This is the official YouTube channel of the Korean Film Archive, featuring nearly 200 films, mostly from the second half of the 20th century. Check out the “Videos” section and enjoy!

The movie tells the story of a widowed woman who decides to remarry. Although some sound and the intended ending are missing due to the film’s age, it still works in an unusual way.

If you’re interested in the suspense/horror film I mentioned earlier, Park Chul-soo’s 1995 movie “삼공일 삼공이” (“301, 302”) is available here.

However, I must warn you that it deals with difficult subjects like abuse and eating disorders. It may not be suitable for everyone. But don’t worry; there is likely something on the Korean Classic Film channel that you’ll enjoy.

Note: Be cautious with the synopses on this channel, as they can sometimes contain spoilers.

Most films here have English captions that you can turn on and off with the “CC” button.



OnDemandKorea is a streaming service dedicated to Korean content, including movies.

With a premium membership, you can access many films, but there are also many free options. To see which movies are free, look for the “ODK PLUS” logo in the upper left corner of the image to know if a premium membership is needed.

For subtitling preferences, check the “All Subtitles” bar near the top of the screen. Use the drop-down menu to filter movies by your preferred subtitles.



If you search for “Korea” or “Korean” on Tubi, you will find some Korean films, but also English documentaries about Korea and perhaps an English film starring Korean-Canadian actress Sandra Oh.

Tubi tracks your browsing habits well. If you search for Korean films for a while and then go to the “Foreign Language Films” category, you should find what you want.

Most Films/Shows on Tubi have English Subtitles that cannot be turned off.

A cool choice is “여배우들” (“The Actresses”), a mockumentary-style film about a fashion shoot featuring six real-life Korean actresses. 

How to Make the Most of Free Korean Films?

The one downside to watching movies for free online is that you usually won’t find the latest blockbusters. So, you’ll need to have diverse tastes.

You’ll find many older classic films available for free online. Fortunately, watching Korean movies from various eras has its benefits.

By watching films from different years, you can get a better understanding of Korean history and culture, which can enhance your language studies and enjoyment of Korean cinema. is a great resource to explore different periods of Korean film. You can browse by year or decade, whether you’re looking for recent films or older ones.

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