Slot machine volatility or variance as it is also known, refers to the risk involved when playing online casino slots with real money. There are three levels of volatility in casino games which determine the level of chance you have in winning. Knowing this key information beforehand may be a deciding factor in how much players choose to bet if anything at all.  Learning the different features of each level of slot volatility will ensure you know exactly what to expect when considering playing with real money. This article will look at each level of slot machine volatility and why it matters for online casino gaming.

High Variance

High variance slots generally appeals to players who enjoy the thrill of a large win and enjoy taking big risks. Brimming with free spins, multipliers and other exciting bonus features, these games tend to be the most thrilling of all. Hailed as a game for the big spenders, this level of slot machine volatility is more suited to players who have a larger budget of which to play with. Playing high variance slots is riskier and you can expect long periods of gameplay with no wins in between.  However this level of volatility rewards players with substantial wins of anything from 1000x to 100,000x the initial bet.

Medium Variance

Medium variance slots appeals to players who play primarily for fun but enjoy the thrill of winning significant prizes. Featuring free spins and smaller jackpots,  this level of slot machine volatility provides plenty of entertainment throughout. Medium variance slots rewards players with small to medium wins throughout. Although jackpot payouts are not quite in the same league as high variance slots, a win of anything up to 1000x is just as thrilling! In terms of risk, medium variance slots sit comfortably within the mid range level. The frequency of smaller wins during gameplay gives players the chance to play for a potentially larger prize without the need to deposit again.

Low Variance 

Low variance slots appeal to players who want to play mainly for entertainment and for as long and as little as possible.  This level of slot machine volatility carries the least amount of risk and rewards players with frequent and smaller wins. Low variance slots also include a free spins feature and when triggered, players can still receive a sizable win from 10x to 1000x the original bet. Because of its low risk and frequent payouts, low variance slots are ideal for new players with a smaller budget.  Low variance slots offer lots of fun by engaging and entertaining players with plenty of small wins during game play.

How To Familiarise Yourself With Slot Machine Volatility 

The slot machine volatility can be determined by playing these games for free in demo-mode at  any reputable online casino. Through your own player experience you will learn the volatility of the game by the frequency of the wins and any bonus rounds such as free spins features. Ultimately, what matters is your comfortability with the games variance. To be completely sure, you can find this information within a game review. Any credible source will include this key information with their review.

Final Words

When playing in an online casino it is important to keep yourself safe by establishing early on, the level of risk involved before spending your hard-earned money. Playing in an online casino should be a source of fun and entertainment and understanding the different slot machine volatility will ensure it is kept that way. 

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