It is only natural for any online service, especially an online casino, to be trying to promote their business and build a strong client base. But, many casinos and their owners do not understand how to build a casino client base effectively and many get even more confused about how they should go about promoting their casino. It is, after all, a complicated subject. There are many countries around the world that forbid outright promotion and ad placement for casinos on traditional media, which is why it might be hard for online casinos, new or old, to gain a large following or grow it. But, there are ways to go about promoting your casino that does not require you to go to television, print or other traditional sources of advertising.

SEO is a marketing tool that is available to any website that goes live online, and it is considered to be one of the best promotional tools for online casinos. SEO allows casinos to grow their following without having to deal with traditional advertiser media, increasing website traffic through linking and content creation. It is very different from promoting on Facebook or doing PPC in Google, mainly because it is even cheaper than a constantly supported promotional campaign in social media and Google. 

The basic ideas of SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is the marketing tool for the new age of online gambling and general online advertising. SEO work results in a higher position in popular search engines when casino-related content is searched for, which increases the traffic on your website naturally. This might seem like a basic idea, but the process is very complex and involves long term returns by bringing traffic to your website made up of people who are actually interested in playing with a casino, rather than random traffic. If a person searches for a casino online or video poker for money, and your page has had some SEO work done for it, your page is likely to come up and capture the interest of the person who was doing the search. 

The very first step of SEO is the creation of a geographic profile for your website. Once you choose the areas that you want your website to target, a group of SEO professionals will create a core SEO profile, understanding the demand in the region and creating a selection of words that would serve as the core of the SEO strategy for your website, words which are most used in search queries for relevant content. 

The thing is that search engines are constantly changing the algorithms which they use in order to identify the best websites for relevant content. They constantly try to identify the relevancy of the website by either checking the bounce rate, and other important statistics, and changing the position of a page in the search engine. But there is more to the process than just the algorithms used to identify the best and the worst pages in terms of relevancy. To put it simply, Google has more than 200 parameters according to which they define whether a page is relevant so that it takes a lot of work to comply with all of them. What is more, Google is currently in the process of learning how to use machine learning and neural networks to produce better search results. This means a lot more parameters are going to be created and heuristic principles are going to be applied to the search results. This is why SEO is constantly in flux and changing, as the things that work now might not be working within the next couple of years. But, the basics remain the same. SEO optimization involves creating better HTML codes, better content, adding new pages, and link building. 

Affiliates, and their importance

Link building is a pretty straightforward process that results in more and better links that are posted on your website and that lead to your website. It is important in the ranking of your page, which is why all websites try to do it. But, it is a little harder to do link building for iGaming websites, simply because the industry is a little more controversial and related to adult content than most other content that link building is done for. Only websites that already deal with adult content are willing to post links to iGaming services. It takes knowledge and time to get in touch and convince all of these websites, but it is not too hard, as they are very willing to do so for a small fee. These websites are the ones considered to be affiliate websites. 

While we might have called them small fees, most of the affiliates require quite hefty amounts of fees. The reason for this is that their services are highly demanded and involves risk for the website itself. If the content that the affiliate posts does not comply with Google regulation, then they are going to end up losing ranking and their revenues over time. This is why they like to make sure the content they post is of high quality. It is also important that affiliates that you work with are respectable, as ones that generate low-level traffic from link farms are likely to do more harm than good. Although, good affiliate marketing is the road to some of the best results for your page. 

Final thoughts 

Many people make the mistake of assuming that SEO will have an immediate effect and create a huge amount of traffic for the website the moment it is done. The truth is that it takes a lot of time for even the best SEO to take effect.

All search engines take time to update their servers, it takes them a lot of time to analyze each website and assign a rank to it, and building a good rank takes a lot of time, effort, dedication and attention. The amount of HTML optimization, content optimization and link building that needs to be done usually take a lot of time. If done badly, the work is bound to cause damage to the website, as the search engines know when someone is trying to manipulate their results rather than produce good content, and they punish these websites by decreasing their rankings or removing them from their results altogether. This is why it is important to have a reliable, trusted team of SEO professionals. This way, you can make sure that the work they do is actually good for you. Finding a reliable SEO company is not easy, but can be done, as long as you are ready to do your research. 


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