Marketing does not mean selling. When the term marketing is used people just think that all it means is buying or selling of things. But that is not true. Marketing refers to doing research, advertising your products and then selling your product with maximum profit. Every major or minor product launching company has a marketing strategy. But why do they need it? It is needed because without marketing the chance of success of a product is almost zero. So every product needs marketing strategy.

If you are a new manufacturer and you do not have that much money to invest in people in marketing there are few tips to keep in mind. The same is true for online business. Launching a new app? Now if you are new, what should your marketing strategy be? So here is a simple guide to follow for marketing for beginners –

Do a Proper thorough Market Research


It is important to know the state of market when you decide to launch your product. So first take the point of view of leading software makers. They will research for you whether the app you have made is needed right now or not. Hire some people to go and take survey in places where you think you will find the kind of people who will download your app. For instance if you want to launch a movie streaming app like MovieBox then firstly check and explore the design, features, scopes, updates, etc. of this ultimate app before launching. MovieBox has easy accessible options and striking features. So in order to launch this kind of mobile app, you need to do proper research.

Know Your Competitors

It is important to know the kind of apps already in market just like yours. Say you are launching a newspaper app. So you need to know all the newspaper there are already in the market. Then you need to make sure that your app has something different from them which you can advertise.


Advertisements hold a very important part in marketing. It is important that your advertisement highlights every feature of your app that is different from others. Also the advertisements should be short and interesting. No one likes long advertisements. For example if you are advertising a movie app like MovieBox then you should highlight features like it is for free, it streams the best movies for you according to your searches, it also shows you latest TV episodes and how it saves your time and gives movie to you in HD.

Benefit of Customer

It is important that your marketing strategy should be involved as to why a customer should download your app? You have to make sure that the person should feel that he or she is profiting from that app. You have to see that there should be profit to customer too otherwise why should that person download your app.

These points should be kept in mind before launching an app.

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