Ridesharing as a vocation option has really flourished in recent years, with Uber, Lyft, Sidecar, Zipcar and various other services for independent vehicle owners. The exact same can’t be said regarding the info around these apps as well as services. As soon as you register for a rideshare service to the minute you find your vehicle on the road; from your initial income to filing your taxes; there are lots of questions which have to be answered. Sadly, the ‘contact us’ or ‘support’ emails for many of these companies resort to canned replies which intentionally keep the info vague and the answers generic to avoid legal issues.

Conceding that you’re an Uber driver, you’ll require buying a car that’s as consistent and cost-effective as possible. One of the widespread options is really a Toyota Prius a sturdy all-around vehicle with the inbuilt benefit to be an all-electric car (a characteristic which saves rideshare drivers an extensive amount of cash in operating costs). Loads of prospective rideshare drivers think of a typical query should they purchase or a lease car? Which alternative makes probably the most sense financially? We look at the scenario utilizing a Toyota Prius as a ‘stand-in’ vehicle and have a look at the number of upsides and downsides of purchasing an automobile being an Uber or Rideshare driver.


Certainly, if you’re investing in a car, it is a big expense as well as generally, you will have to pay a substantial chunk of initial cash, no matter whether you’re spending money on your vehicle in installments; paying the whole lot upfront; or purchasing a used, or brand new, vehicle.

Drivers can usually purchase a used Toyota Prius for approximately $4500-$5500 (a brand new Prius can total more than $20,000). Purchasing an automobile from companies such as Autovolo is sensible in certain respects for example:

  • You will find no rental fees.
  • You can keep all of your inward profits.
  • There aren’t any lease agreements.
  • You will find no ‘predatory’ rental phrases (an ongoing dilemma, reported by loads of rideshare renters report).

At the same time frame there are several notable downsides to purchasing a pre-owned vehicle as an example a pre-owned Prius might have:

In some instances, buying your personal car could be more cost-effective. There are fewer terms as well as restrictions when compared with leasing. Needless to say, the payments you make are likely to be going towards an investment you’ll own the car by the end of your payment terms. Drivers who purchase an automobile might need to buy a vehicle longer when purchasing, although monthly payments can, in fact, be much less than leasing. Just be familiar with Uber’s vehicle requirements prior you make a purchase and in case that Uber isn’t very lucrative in your town, you might want to crunch a few numbers earlier you commit to car payments of any sort.

Best Cars to Buy For Rideshare Drivers

Below are a few good vehicle choices for new Uber or Lyft drivers.

  • Toyota Prius

Apart from being one of the very eco-friendly vehicles, the Toyota Prius packs in a number of safety features, such as Lane Departure Alert along with Pedestrian Detection. If you drive typically within city limits, the Prius could keep you, your passengers, as well as other drivers and pedestrians safe.

New: from $24,000

Used (2010): $10,000

  • Honda Civic

Acquiring 28 MPG in the town and 40 MPG on the highway. If you drive frequently, Honda Civic could make you appreciate its fuel adeptness. Beside the Collision Mitigation, Braking System could assist you as well as your passengers remain safe when the vehicle senses a collision, acting as your backup reflex.

New: from $18,290

Used (2010): $10,000

  • Ford Fusion

With various alternatives for diverse tastes, the Ford Fusion is a superb, adaptable vehicle for rideshare drivers. The Sport could get you an EcoBoost engine if fuel-efficiency is your priority, plus the Platinum model is supreme for a luxury ride, together with leather seating and cooled driver also passenger seats.

New: from $18,290

Used (2010): $10,000

  • Toyota Corolla

The modern Toyota Corolla is available in several models, from eco-friendly to luxury, to meet up your needs for an ideal Uber vehicle. Even its base model, L, is sold with Toyota Safety Sense, eight airbags, as well as USB connectivity. The LE Eco can get you around 40 MPG on the highway, also incorporates a partially-folding rear seat for storage.

New: from $16,200

Used (2010): $9,500

  • Hyundai Sonata

Hyundai Sonata has six models to pick from, to meet your preferences as a top-of-the-line or fuel-efficient luxury automobile. All models include safety features, such as hands-free technology, rear-view camera, in addition to blind spot mirrors. Benefit from Android Auto and Apple CarPlay for supplementary entertainment.

New: from $20,100

Used (2010): $10,200

There’s a wide variety of factors involved when trying to find out what’s best for you. Though you’ll eventually own the specific vehicle, buying isn’t always the most effective option the exact same holds true for leasing. By the end of the day, you’ll need to consider what’ll a vehicle cost me per mile?