The Ultimate Fighting Championship, better known as the UFC, has been revolutionizing mixed martial arts since its start in 1993. With top-tier fighters such as Jon Jones and Amanda Nunes stepping into the octagon to face off against each other, fans just can’t get enough of the sport.

The fight broadcasts can be watched on several platforms, such as HBO, Hulu and more recently UFC.TV (UFC Fight Pass). Following the introduction of the streaming service, fans clamored for alternate ways to watch UFC fights without UFC.TV subscription fees.

To help them out, here we present a list of 20 alternatives that they can use to stream live UFC matches directly within their browser or TV app by making use of our detailed guide outlining various steps, tips and tricks.

Best 20 Alternatives to UFC.TV

MMA Streams

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MMA Streams is one of the best platforms to watch live MMA fights in your web browser for free, often with no buffering or interruptions during broadcasts.

The updated version of this site includes all the latest features like searchability by fight card, adjusting picture quality settings on-the-fly, sorting matches by network and streaming in 4K resolution.


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Reddit is a widely popular website where many users often share links to different streams for the live UFC fights which can then be accessed using specific commands within the chat window of your browser or TV application as long as they are available online at that particular time.



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CrackStreams is one of the most exciting alternatives to UFC. TV as it offers quality streams, the latest news and analysis regarding upcoming fights in HD streaming along with access to other MMA-related content like documentaries and interviews.

A great place for fans to find at least one reliable stream each weekend without having to go through long strings of dead links on every site they visit!



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MamaHD is another great platform to watch live MMA streams online, with access to a wide range of options including some that are not available on UFC.TV service like in-ring/post-fight interviews and special analyses by fans or experts.

Unlike other sites which require you to manually search for the match listing, this one provides an organized list of upcoming fights just a click away.



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RojaDirecta is another interesting option for watching live streams of MMA fights which include a wide array of content from multiple sources on the same page.

It also offers access to some unique games and HD streaming quality without any buffering issues for most devices.

Fight Live

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Fight Live is yet another fantastic resource for watching mixed martial arts fights online; boasting one of the most well-organized platforms offering high-resolution streams without any lags or technical glitches.

The website also hosts various events from other organizations apart from UFC and provides 24/7 customer support for quick help with any streaming issues.

Pirlo TV

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Like RojaDirecta, PirloTV is another great platform to watch live MMA fight streams online including those of the Pay Per View variety providing multiple options in terms of quality & language settings as well as numerous additional features to customize your viewing experience.



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ESPN has been broadcasting sporting events since 1979, and the ESPN+ streaming service is a great way for fans of mixed martial arts to watch UFC fights live online or on their TV device without any interruptions thanks to its stable connection & HD presentation quality.


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Stream2watch is one of the most popular alternatives to watch UFC fights from your laptop or mobile device. With its intuitive design & features, users can search for their favorite fighters and use the built-in filtering options to pick a suitable stream in high-definition quality.


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StreamGoTo is an excellent website where you can catch live coverage of the latest MMA matches along with some detailed analysis before each fight and highlights after it has been completed. It works with the most popular streaming applications and has a great user interface for easy navigation.



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Cric Free is not just your typical MMA fighting website; it offers access to other major sports like cricket, rugby, American football and more without the need of paying any fees or signing up for anything special.

It also provides detailed fixtures & list of upcoming events along with quick links to stream those matches in HD quality with an affordable subscription plan.



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VIPbox TV is a wonderful website that promises to offer free streaming of the latest UFC matches along with helpful features such as sorting options, multiple language support and even weather readings in various locations.

It also offers detailed information about fighters, teams & upcoming events so users are always up to date.

Live Soccer TV

Live Soccer TV

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Live Soccer TV is a great choice for MMA fans as it provides access to several live streams in high resolution without interruptions or buffering issues during matches.

It also offers multiple options varying from UFC Fight Night & Championship events with detailed statistics on each fighter’s performance.



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FirstRowSports is one of the most popular websites enabling fans to watch and stream live UFC fights using their browser or device application.

The best part about it is that the content can be streamed in multiple languages along with access to detailed information on upcoming fights like matches, fighters & venues without needing any subscription fees paid upfront.



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720P Stream offers top-quality streams for various MMA pay-per-view events free of charge with access to detailed information on upcoming fights & crews as well.

It offers fast buffering and a friendly user interface across all platforms with flexible settings allowing users to customize their streaming experience along the way.



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Stream East is an amazing platform for MMA fans providing high-definition streams of events including UFC Fight Night, trilogy bouts and more without having to pay expensive subscription fees.

It has access to some exclusive content like camera angles and post-fight interviews along with detailed fixtures & list of upcoming fights.

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Live TV is a fantastic platform for streaming various sports including UFC broadcast events in HD without lags or buffering issues while sorting through different options using the friendly user interface that powers it.

It also offers users access to exclusive content prior to the fight, after-bouts interviews and more.

SportLemon TV


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SportLemon TV is one of the oldest and most reliable streaming websites when it comes to watching live MMA fights without any subscription fees or registration requirements; providing a huge selection of events including UFC matches from across 20 different countries around the world.



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VIPLeague is a fantastic streaming platform for UFC live fights without any subscription costs or registration requirements.

It also offers access to other sports outside of mixed martial arts as well; including boxing, baseball and cricket in stunning HD along with detailed fixtures & upcoming events.

BuffStreams Live Streaming

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BuffStreamz is an amazing live-streaming website for watching various UFC fights on your device or web browser without any interruptions and buffering issues.

It offers access to unique features such as choosing between different laser-targeted results & events with detailed fixtures of upcoming matchings also available right before the start time.

What is UFC.TV?

UFC.TV is a pay-per-view digital service operated by the Ultimate Fighting Championship that broadcasts live and on-demand mixed martial arts (MMA) fights and other content related to the promotion.

The service allows fans to purchase access to individual events, as well as discounted subscriptions for longer periods of time such as a whole year or more.

UFC.TV Not Working? Explained

If your UFC.TV subscription is not working properly, then there might be some issues with their system. It could be due to a slow internet connection causing the streaming quality of videos to suffer, or it could be an issue with your subscription itself.

To fix this problem, you can either reset your device or try using other browsing services like Google Chrome rather than Safari as they are estimated to have fewer buffering issues.


How much does UFC.TV cost?

The fees for UFC.TV’s pay-per-view events vary but typically range from $54.99-$79.99 for individual fights and up to $89.95 or more for full access (including select non-PPV options).

Is the subscription worth it?

Overall, many think that subscribing to UFC.TV is a good value since you’d usually have to buy multiple Pay Per Views separately if you went with other streaming services which can end up costing much more.

Is there a free trial?

UFC.TV does not offer a traditional “free trial”, but you can sign up for their promotional packages and even opt out of automatic renewal after the 7-day period is over if you don’t want to be billed further.

How do I watch UFC fights on UFC.TV?

You can watch UFC fights and other content related to the promotion on UFC.TV by signing up, logging in with your account credentials and purchasing access to events as Pay Per View or through a subscription.

Does my device need an app to use this service?

The majority of devices will not require any kind of app download in order to stream UFC.TV content; rather all that is needed is a compatible browser such as Google Chrome or Safari.

Do I need to download the event on my device in order to watch it?

No, you don’t have to download the event beforehand; rather your streaming link will be available directly after purchase and can then playback continuously until you log out of UFC.TV.

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