Car accidents can be very tricky to deal with regardless of if you were at fault. Having an attorney to guide you through the legal implications of the crash can be a great way to deal with it and get the compensation that you deserve. 

    One of the questions that many people ask after being in an accident is “When do I know that I need a personal injury attorney?”

    When faced with circumstances that caused personal injury to your or your loved ones, it makes both practical and financial sense to have an experienced and professional attorney on your side. Handling a personal injury claim after an accident is not easy, especially if you do not know what the law says about such accidents. It can be very time consuming, complicated, and can end up harder to deal with than the injury itself.

    Deciding whether to hire a lawyer or just handle things on your own will determine the result of your claim. Here are two important factors that you should consider when deciding if you should get an attorney.

    1. Who Is at Fault?

    If the other driver has not admitted fault, you will need a lawyer to help determine who is at fault. Your claim is stronger and more valid if you are able to prove that the accident was caused by the other driver’s negligence and not yours.

    In most cases, an official police report contains enough information to determine who is at fault, so it’s essential to ensure this document is filed. Each state has its laws regarding police reports, but for example, New Jersey requires you to file a crash report within ten days of the incident. To find New Jersey accident reports, all you need is a computer with internet access and the collision’s basic information, such as date, location, and your vehicle’s license plate number. Additionally, if you wish to file a lawsuit, you have six years for a property damage claim and up to two years for an injury claim.

    Car accidents can be brutal: you might end up experiencing trauma, pain, psychological effects, losses, and not to mention the days you will have to take off duty that might go unpaid. 

    This means you’ll need to have enough evidence to prove that you are innocent and the other driver is at fault. An experienced lawyer knows how best to handle such a case to help you get justice. 

    If there are pedestrians, more than one vehicle, or special vehicles like a fire truck, an ambulance, or delivery trucks involved in the accidents, the case is always more complicated than when dealing with just one vehicle. In such cases where multiple parties are involved, the legal issues are complex and a lawyer is much better equipped to handle such issues. Your attorney will interact with the other lawyers and insurance companies in the right and legal way.

    A personal injury attorney will help gather all the necessary evidence needed for your case. They use their resources to investigate your case, get in touch with witnesses, and collect their testimonies so that you can have a strong and tangible claim.

    2. What Is the Extent of Damages or Injuries Sustained?

    You will need a lawyer to help you with your claim especially if you sustained serious injuries. This is because you may have to claim for permanent injuries, pain and suffering, lost wages, high medical bills, and other negative effects of the accident. 

    Remember, when it comes to personal injuries, you need to act fast and cannot wait to get back on your feet to file your claim. You may miss out on filing due to the statute of limitations. A lawyer will file your claim in good time and they also know how to calculate the estimated amount that you should receive in the settlement. 

    A lawyer who is familiar with handling such claims can really help you get good results and you can walk away with an appropriate compensation.

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