Project Management certifications or a certified professional are not necessary to an organization’s center structure, but their association makes a difference in ten folds.

Technology and businesses have moved through a transformation that has driven organizations in desperate need for certified project managers. These people are certified to handle the requirements of continuous projects; whether they are associated with software development or physical boundaries.

The characteristics of the certification, in turn, defines how the abilities of a certified IT Project Manager can be utilized and benefited from.

In this blog, we have details about the two top project management certifications that can help an individual accelerate their career in the managerial niche. 

Top Project Management Certifications

Let’s discuss the top two project management certifications that can take your profession to the next level.

1. Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification

  • Exam Type: Multiple choice
  • No Of Questions: 200 questions per paper: 175 scored, 25 unscored
  • Exam duration: 4 hours
  • Type: Closed book exam
  • Result: The passing score is determined through psychometric analysis

Project Management Professional Certification circles around three restraints: Time, Cost and Scope. It is a difficult course that forms several modules to support academia in recognizing the weak points within a project.

Upon completion of this course, the project manager can advise his/ her team to come up with options for achieving the test sprint phase, and ultimately accomplish all the breakthroughs towards a deliverable product.

The Project Management Professional certification is verified with the Project Management Institute (PMI). They work continually to include new changes in the course contents to keep it up to date and regulated with the swiftly changing demands of the industry. In fact, PMI has made considerable changes in the coursework, which will be implemented from 2021 onward. 

Project Management Professional (PMP) Requirements 

For a PMP Certification, you require to have a former secondary degree crossing over four years. The PMI has further mandated a 4,500-hour work experience straight, or indirectly associated with managing projects, being a member of a Certified Project Manager’s Team, and at least a 35-hour elementary level project management training.

If you are an enrolled PMI online member, your tests will be administered on a computer at a designated time and venue.

Every year, the PMI discusses with industry specialists to reevaluate the coursework to match the current challenges companies are facing and have requirements for. 

Prescribed Reading To Qualify For PMP Certification 

  • PMBOK® Guide – Sixth Edition

2. Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)

  • Exam Type: Multiple choice
  • No Of Questions: 150 questions per paper: 135 scored, 15 unscored
  • Exam duration: 3 hours
  • Result: The passing score is determined through psychometric analysis
  • Type: Closed book exam

The CAPM is part of the primary level IT Project Management Certification and is considered an entry-level that is ideal for organizations that are looking to learn more about the latest project management techniques used globally. 

The PMI also conducts the Certified Associate in Project Management. It is a primary level certification that’s filled up with lots of learning and growth possibilities for beginners.

Certified Associate In Project Management (CAPM) Requirements

As this is an entry-level certification, it does not need a lot of requirements. On the least, involved applicants with a high school degree or an equivalent 1,500 hours of project management practice (without any prior certification) can apply.

If you do not fit based on the two above mentioned “requirements”, you can yet opt-in if you have finished a minimum of 23 hours of corporate project management training.

Certified Associate in Project Management Examination can be conducted at an entrance cost by enrolled PMI website members. If you are a non-member, the examination charge will be different. In both instances, the payment is non-refundable.

Prescribed Readings To Qualify For CAPM Certification:

  • PMBOK Guide
  • CAPM Handbook


With cut-throat competition and the ever-increasing demand of organizations, it’s becomes crucial for individuals to complete certifications to stay relevant and build a successful career in the managerial world. Select a certification training out of these two by industry experts before and ensure you’re able to ace the test. 

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