Horse racing may be among the oldest spectator sports, but with 23 TVG alternatives available in 2023, fans of this thrill-seeking pastime have a range of modern options to stay atop their favorite athletes & steeds.

Whether you’re an experienced gambler or new to the wagering game, these top alternatives will provide you with everything necessary for a good and enjoyable time at the racetrack.

Featuring detailed race analysis and simulcast betting strategies, amongst other unique bonus features, these online websites & mobile apps offer a comprehensive social experience where you can discuss with fellow horse racing enthusiasts worldwide.


24 Best TVG Alternatives In 2023

Racing Post:

Racing Post

RacingPost is the leading online source of horse racing information, featuring comprehensive updates, race previews and results. Its interactive feature-rich content hub also provides extensive coverage of major races worldwide each year. Subscribers can expect detailed analysis on every nook & cranny of the event life cycle; pre-race form breakdowns, broadcast placement tips and quantifying findings post-finale are just some elements available to avid horse bettors–all accessible through Racing Post’s website or mobile app.

Equibase Company:

Equibase Company

Equibase is North America’s leading thoroughbred racing information service and the official source of data to be used by historians, bettors & industry players alike. This comprehensive platform provides an extensive collection of tools and resources that enable customers to track horses throughout their careers easily and view performance highlights. Whether searching for past-performance trends or evaluating current events in real-time, the Equibase Company’s offerings can help you gain valuable insight into the history of horseracing.

Daily Racing Form:

Daily Racing Form

Widely considered to be the ‘matchbook for horse racing’, Daily Racing Form offers up-to-date coverage of every primary race in North America and around the world. From detailed handicapping analysis & breaking news updates post-event to customizable charts tracking each entrant’s past performances, DR F provides customers with everything they need to find profitable outcomes before the gates open. Plus, as a bonus, subscribers receive access to exclusive daily commentary & handicapping advice too!



Blood-Horse is an industry powerhouse, providing coverage of every major horse racing event in the U.S., Europe and Asia–with its website hosting up-to-date articles on live events and in-depth analyses of competitors’ form and emerging trends. This comprehensive platform offers in-depth reviews of the sport’s top faces and interviews with leading trainers & jockeys, providing unparalleled insight into what goes on within this exciting industry.

United States Trotting Association:

United States Trotting Association

The USTA is the recognized governing body for harness racing in North America, providing officiating support and educational resources to amateur and professional drivers alike. The association’s website offers a comprehensive database of items, from purses information to state certifications for wagering operations. Plus, with up-to-date stats on all horses active within the sport, it provides an invaluable source & reference to industry professionals too!

Horse Racing Nation:

Horse Racing Nation

HRN is a leading online destination for horse racing enthusiasts looking to stay on top of news and performance updates in their country or globally. The website features interactive content discussing leading industry figures, previews analysis on up-and-coming meets, racing videos and an extensive library of handicapping articles to provide bettors with detailed insight into their wagering plans.



TrackMaster is a premier provider of electronic data collection services to racetracks & simulcasting companies worldwide. This innovative platform was designed for automated race timing and provides customers with enhanced handicap-selecting tools like RaceMaster, which combines time performances from multiple sources to give bettors a comprehensive breakdown of events before wagering.

At The Races:

At The Races

Founded by the British Horse Racing Authority in 2002, At The Races provides detailed coverage of all primary races across the U.K., Ireland and France; its app & website features an intuitive user experience that makes researching post-event results incredibly simple. Customers subscribing to AT R can also expect weekly previews and daily updates on meetings & happenings during the racing calendar!



BetAmerica is well known amongst horse bettors for its comprehensive range of markets within the industry, offering wagering in several locations. With users able to leverage their world-class sportsbook platform to place bets safely, quickly and with security as standard, it’s no surprise why so many fans turn to this reliable service when topping-up track funds.



TwinSpires is a fully integrated horse racing website & platform providing bettors with various wagering options to enhance their betting experience. Fans can expect mobile access to virtually every type of event in the U.S., plus regular updates and select handicapping products at no extra charge!



Customers of Xpressbet can expect a comprehensive range of features and resources to assist their betting decisions, including real-time race analysis, event replays & scheduling tools that help users stay abreast of the industry on all fronts. Plus, they provide a wide selection of wagering options with competitive prices in over 80 U.S venues each year as standard!

NYRA Bets:


NYRA Bets is among race-wagering providers’ most highly respected contenders, catering to customers in over 50 countries. This innovative platform offers advanced features like streaming replays of the latest events & up-to-date news on resurgent horses in its database, keeping players well-informed throughout their betting experience. Customers can also enjoy a fantastic selection of promotions and bonus bets too!

DRF Bets:

DRF Bets

DRF Bets is the official provider of racing wagers from Daily Racing Form, with customers able to place bets on events online or via their state-of-the-art mobile app. One of its unique features is an instant alert system where users receive notifications whenever they stand a chance to cash out, so no one ever misses chances for success again!



AmWager is an online wagering platform that caters to horse-race fans, allowing them to place bets on events worldwide. The website provides customers with up-to-date information on upcoming races and detailed analysis of past contenders’ performance data, ensuring punters are one step ahead when assessing their choices before the gates open. Plus, with bonuses & promotions exclusive for members and mobile apps for Android & iOS, AmWager is a great resource to have at your disposal.

TVG 2:


TVG 2 is the world’s first international wagering platform and part of the Rupert Murdoch-owned WageringTech Group Ltd. It recently launched in New Jersey with legal rights to broadcast events across seven states and other US jurisdictions, providing bettors detailed information on horse racing operations in their area. Users can choose from an array of bonuses such as welcome packages when signing up, loyalty points and even free credit via their TVG2 account, making it one of the best value services available today!



HPibet is another new entrant into online wagering for horse racing that considers both fun & profit potential in its offerings. Held under license by The Racing Corporation Australia (RCA ), the website constantly updates upcoming competitions with comprehensive & detailed accounts given on runners where you can access previous forms at-a-glance. Plus, HPibet’s mobile app offers customers complete control to manage their account on the go, with account functions such as deposits & withdrawals just a swipe away!



WatchandWager takes wagering further than its rivals by offering customers direct access to live-stream replays of the biggest races. By simply joining a simulcast directly or through their designated third-party provider, customers can watch every moment of the action as it unfolds and even view past performances when researching trends & tips before each event too!

FanDuel TV+:

FanDuel TV+

FanDuel TV+ is one of America’s leading horse racing entertainment services providers, supplying its users with streaming videogame tournaments & wagering opportunities. Through their app, customers can enjoy unprecedented coverage of tracks across the U.S., receiving live updates on arrivals & finishers for each active event while placing bets with assured security. Plus, with a range of bonuses like free-entry tournaments and cashback rewards FanDuel’s services ensure no race fan misses out!

Betfair Exchange:

Betfair Exchange

Betfair Exchange is one of Europe’s pioneering betting exchanges and remains at the forefront of innovation in the horse racing industry. Customers can expect seamless access to markets worldwide, receiving live updates on competitors’ odds which they may lay a wager against – with Betfair offering better value than most online bookies too! Plus, it even has an impressive range of tutorials & guides tailored around saving punters time researching their bets; comprehensively informing them about ante-post predictions and giving pointers post-race so that you never miss out again!

BetMGM Sportsbook & Casino:

BetMGM Sportsbook & Casino

BetMGM’s sportsbook & casino product is the ultimate destination for horse race fans looking to make a profit. Customers can access an extensive range of betting options, competitive odds and even promotions like money-back specials when selecting their wagers, making punt placement more accessible than ever! Plus, with weekly or daily races featured in virtual “tournaments,” users can compete against each other in a fun and exciting way while taking advantage of the online casino’s other offerings too.



4NJbets is one of New Jeresy’s most popular horse-race wagering platforms, providing fans with access to both domestic & international races for just $20 per week. With exclusive odds & promotions available throughout the website or mobile app -subscribers are bounded to have an enjoyable time at their virtual track, especially when the sign-up bonus is thrown into the mix!

TVG Horse Racing Betting App:

TVG Horse Racing Betting App

The TVG Horse Racing Betting app offers customers an innovative way to research & manage bets on mobile devices, providing users with access to all features of their desktop counterparts for guaranteed success. With up-to-date race replays and a range of markets, including midweek events from Australia, South Africa and Hong Kong, this intuitive platform ensures that punters always have a chance to win wherever they are.



MyWinners is the official betting partner of Churchill Downs Incorporated and provides customers with exclusive odds across its exciting range of markets. By signing up, those looking to make money on their favorite horses can do so discretely -allowing them to take advantage of strategic wagers without worrying about whether or not they’ll be able to withdraw if successful! Not only does this platform offer a wealth of information via its integrated chat feature & detailed market analysis, -but MyWinners also gives members access to lucrative contests where extra cash & prizes are up for grabs.


What is TVG?

TVG (formerly known as The Virtual Gaming Network) is an online service that provides US bettors with detailed horse racing coverage and up-to-date simulcasting opportunities. It offers live streaming services on major US events, plus exclusive promotions and rewards for members in all seven states where it is licensed to operate.

Is TVG legal?

TVG is a legal and regulated wagering service that operates within the confines of applicable state laws. As such, customers must be 18 or older and located within the allowed geolocation parameters when using any functions related to placing bets (Live Video Streaming, Horse Race Wagering).

Is TVG Safe?

TVG employs 128-bit encryption and is regulated by the United States Racing Association (USRA), which oversees its market operations to ensure all transactions are processed safely. Furthermore, safeguards are in place when making deposits or withdrawals to/from your betting account, with low processing fees & secure data storage guaranteeing your complete peace of mind when using their services.

Does TVG have an app?

Yes, the TVG Horse Racing Betting App is available to download on Android & iOS devices, offering live-streaming coverage of horse racing events happening in North America and access to a range of bonus features too!

What countries does TVG accept wagers from?

Currently, only US customers can place bets via the TVG platform; however, bettors from certain overseas jurisdictions can access their wagering opportunities. To find out more about who is eligible, please speak to the TVG Customer Support team directly for further information.

Does TVG offer live streaming of Horse Racing?

Yes, customers can watch races on-demand or in real-time via its comprehensive video coverage services, affording punters unparalleled insight into up-and-coming athletes and veterans! Furthermore, race replays can be accessed online or via the mobile app for immediate or retrospective analysis of current happenings.

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