If you are a nature-lover, then Sri Lanka must be on your must-visit list of places. The interesting cuisine, palm trees, amazing sight scenes, and refreshing atmosphere make it a favourite tourist destination. Besides this, the friendly people and cultural diversity makes the place worth a visit. 

The natural beauty, as well as the sandy beaches attract tourist every year towards Sri Lanka from every corner of the world. If you have been planning a trip to this natural haven, then Sri Lanka travel insurance must be a part of your travel essentials. Buying a Sri Lanka travel insurance policy will ensure that you are protected against any kind of financial crisis at any point of your trip. 

Why Do You Need Sri Lanka Travel Insurance?

Tourists visiting Sri Lanka are not required by law to have travel insurance Nonetheless, going abroad without the coverage of travel insurance is not a smart choice. Indians travelling abroad are well aware of this, judging by the fact that there has been an increase of 0.01% in expenses in buying travel insurance in 2020 as compared to 2019.

One of the most important reasons to purchase a Sri Lanka travel insurance plan is to ensure that you are financially secure. There are unforeseen events that can occur, such as travel delays, missing luggage, sudden illness, and so on, leaving you in a bind. The insurance plan will cover all of your expenses during such situations and allow you to continue your foreign trip without any worries. 

If you are wondering whether you need Sri Lanka travel insurance, here are some benefits of the policy which you should know:

  • Protects you completely

The Sri Lanka travel insurance plans can save you from unpredictable events while traveling and during your stay in the island country. Without the support of an insurance policy and a customer service team, you may find yourself helpless in certain situations that can arise when you are in an unknown environment. 

  •  Coverage for Loss of Luggage

Loss of luggage or delay in luggage arrival is one of the most common problems that travellers face when moving from one place to another. With a Sri Lanka travel insurance policy, you can rest assured that if a situation like this occurs, the insurer will have your back. However, make sure to choose reliable insurance providers such as Care Insurance so you can trust them in a time of need. 

  • Covers health issues

In case there is a minor or major health problem during the visit, the Sri Lanka travel insurance policy will help pay the medical bills and get immediate medical attention. 

  • Compensation for Mishaps

In case of an unfortunate event resulting in the insured person’s death during their visit, the Sri Lanka travel insurance policy will provide compensation to the nominee of the policy. 

  • Coverage for Loss of Other Belongings & Delays

In case you end up misplacing your passport or other important documentation while travelling, the Sri Lanka travel insurance policy will offer the required assistance. It also provides coverage for delays during your trip. 

Apart from this, you may lose your valuables like cash, debit card, and credit card. This can cause significant financial problems during your stay. If you are covered under a suitable Sri Lanka travel insurance policy, you can manage the loss with the necessary help required.

  • Quick Claim Settlements

Most insurance providers offer quick claim settlements especially with cashless facilities available at their network hospitals. This enables tourists to get the necessary healthcare when visiting another country, without worrying about the financial aspect of it. 

The above-mentioned benefits will surely be useful to you to understand the importance of Sri Lanka Travel insurance appropriately. Once you decide to purchase the policy, you need to go through the terms and conditions accurately to understand the benefits. If you have any queries about it, clarify the same with your insurance provider. Make sure to compare different policies and choose the one that fits your needs well. 

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