Any sales call is tough but a B2B sales call is tougher because the person at the other end knows what you are up to. He/she has been there and done that. What is necessary on the part of the sales rep is a judicious mix of confidence, knowledge and ability to gauge the person’s response. 

In any situation, it is always better if the newly appointed sales rep has a list of things not to do along with the things that he must do. A quick guide on the mistakes that he must avoid might help much more than constantly bugging the person about so many things that he can do. 

In this post, we look at the top 6 mistakes that one must avoid in a B2B sales call. Let’s get started. 

  • Too much focus on selling – Yes, this might seem weird. But the reality is that every prospect that you speak to is a person first and a business person later. The correct way to close a sale in a B2B set up is to ensure that there is an attempt to build a relationship. 

Once a relationship is established, the prospect will automatically be interested in knowing more about your product. The key question is how to build a relationship in a matter of seconds. This can be done by starting with the probable needs of the prospect and only then offering your product as one that fulfills that need. 

  • Being in a hurry – Any one you speak to will tell you that people in sales are always in a hurry. Obviously, you are not wrong as you have targets to achieve but you need to think from the other person’s perspective in order to close the sale.

    If you have to make any business decision you will most certainly evaluate all your options and only then make a decision. This opportunity needs to be given to your would-be customer too. Further, any hurry shown by a sales rep may signal to the prospect that there may be some ulterior motive behind the same. You do not want that.

  • Not preparing well enough – This is one reason why many sales calls fail to make any impact at all. When you are making an attempt to sell any product or service to a business, the person on the other end might have more knowledge about the industry you are in.

    This means that you need to be better prepared. Pre-empting their questions and having answers ready is a must. It is here that training helps and one reason why many companies invest in sales coaching software that can help them with it.

  • Making false promises – One of the worst things that you can do in a sales call is make a promise that you cannot keep. This is because the whole relationship has the potential to be spoiled if the impact is substantial on your client.

    Moreover, any business survives on credibility and reputation. So unless you are looking to make some quick bucks selling a mediocre product, you need to ensure that there is no dishonesty involved from your side.

  • Not following up – Contrary to popular belief, a successful sales call is not one which results in a sale. One needs to understand that conducting a sale is a process and a sales call is just one step in that process. 

The first call will only work as a stepping stone and acquaint the prospect with your product. At the end of the first call, you need to take his email so that you can send him further information. Also, you need to ask him for a time to call him next.

The most crucial step is being organized and following up on time with additional information so as to help them make a decision. Your professionalism as a sales rep is as important as the quality and features of your commodity. 

  • Being curt – As a sales rep, you cannot afford to be curt. Nor can you be over friendly. There is a fine balance that you need to achieve. Businesses who are interested in your product may have more questions than those that do not.

Answering questions with a simple yes or no may not be a good thing for you. Providing good advice even if unrelated to your product may help you create trust for yourself. This comes with experience and can be achieved over time. If you come across as someone who is eager to answer questions, then you will never be someone without a sale. 

Making small talk is not the only way to avoid being curt. In fact, ensuring that all questions are answered promptly is what helps close a sale. 

Richard is an experienced tech journalist and blogger who is passionate about new and emerging technologies. He provides insightful and engaging content for Connection Cafe and is committed to staying up-to-date on the latest trends and developments.