A lot of case studies can be built today based on the way certain languages have grown over the past few years and others have diminished in growth. While there are many reasons for more powerful languages with complex functionalities coming into existence, some comparatively simpler languages have still stood the test of time and even improved overall. 

The demand and need for a great React course has been increasing for quite a while now, along with the popularity of the language for frontend development. The sustenance and growth was a result of developers recognizing its potential and making it their own in various ways possible. Whether this was due to the open-source nature of the libraries in JavaScript that it possesses, or the general ease of coding and the speed of development,  is yet to be known.

Here are some top reasons why developers embraced React and continue to do so even today.

1. Community as well as software support

For any new developer venturing into the territory of a language that is not known to them, there is a heavy reliance on being supported by people who are well-versed in the language, as well as the language itself, if it can provide tools to understand it well. Thankfully, React JS is able to provide both of them in substantial proportions.

When new developers begin to get their feet wet with coding in React, the community can provide a lot of open-source libraries that have the potential to perform most of the usual tasks that are required by any program.

Even beyond that, React JS brings with itself an important collection of smart tools, which allow you to examine the code better. With the popularity of Chrome as a browser, developer tools now allow you to check on actual components of React, their states and properties, all by using a simple extension.

2. Strong support for SEO requirements

With application development for the web intricately connected to the various aspects of web visibility and presence building, there had been major dissatisfaction for a long time. Most of the web applications were built using typical frameworks in JavaScript, which barely allowed for any kind of search engine optimization. This resulted in great web apps which were barely discovered by users since the search engine results wouldn’t pick them up well.

Since the entry of React JS, this complaint has been a pain of the past. The development of user interfaces via React has been quite powerful and has allowed search engines to traverse them in a much better manner.

3. Consistent code run on frontend and servers

Application development requires two sets of codes that can help complete the bridge between the user and the system. One part is the frontend which allows the user to interact with the application. The other is the server-side, where the actual functionality and database operations related to the functionality take place. Most apps require different codes on each end. But not React.

React JS brings the capability to develop isomorphic apps. What this means is that the code you use to build the JavaScript framework for your app can be used on both the server as well as the client. Not only does it help in rendering the application quicker on the server, but the web pages associated with it can be indexed as well, affecting the experience of the user at large.

4. Migration becomes a breeze

Throughout the life cycle of an application, there is an inevitable point where the technology needs to be migrated from an older infrastructure to a newer and better one. This does require a good amount of effort in matters of time as well as recoding of various components of the application, followed by any necessary training to ramp up the skillset.

React JS presents the minimal amount of time and effort in this regard. Firstly, the language itself is pretty light and simple, which makes use of all the traditional principles of JavaScript known to all developers. Therefore, shifting any code written in React to a different infrastructure can be done with negligible downtime and minimal recoding effort.

5. Learning to coding in accelerated time

Many developers have recounted how easy it was to understand React JS when they started off in the initial stages. Its reliance on the GUI JavaScript libraries allows for easier execution of tasks in an optimized manner. Furthermore, the syntax used in React brings forth certain principles of HTML as well, allowing developers to mix and match easily.

When this is combined with the aspect of component reusability, new programmers don’t have to spend endless hours in coding functionalities. They can easily start developing apps in a short period of time and gain expertise as well as confidence for larger and complex tasks.

Undergoing React JS training can certainly help in picking up the skills required to embrace React wholeheartedly, just the way the entire developer community has today. In no time, you would be a part of the community as well, and share your knowledge with the world.

Richard is an experienced tech journalist and blogger who is passionate about new and emerging technologies. He provides insightful and engaging content for Connection Cafe and is committed to staying up-to-date on the latest trends and developments.