It is straightforward to get mobile app development. You have to follow a linear process and in the end, you get a satisfactory result. There are android and ios application development services that you can opt for in order to make an amazing mobile app. But the real hassle starts once the app is deployed to the app store. As the developers, there are certain things that your users expect from you. You need to deliver a fast and user-friendly interface under all circumstances. This is why you need to make sure that your application is safe from uncontrollable user behavior.

Here are the 5 most important things that you should be considering so that you can make your app a huge success. 

1.  As you are done with the initial development phase of the application and you launch your app with all the appealing and lucrative features so that users are compelled to download your app. Now you have to constantly develop your app so that users can enjoy your app as they use it for a long time.

According to a survey, 80% of the users never use an app that they download more than a single time. This indicates that the average mobile app retention rate is 20%. Since there are tons of apps in the market, mobile app development is a brutally competitive space and any minor issue with your app can make your user switch to some other app really quickly.

This is where you invest in a seamless app engagement with the help of in-app notifications and real-time alerts. Make sure you invest some time with the development of these notifications so that all your users can interact with your app at regular intervals of time. There is no need for you to send engaging text messages in order to keep them interested.


2. Another common mistake during the development phase is that you create the app in a monolithic structure. As the name suggests, all the components of a monolithic app are connected and dependent on each other. This becomes quite problematic in case anything goes wrong with your app. All the functions of your app get disrupted due to this. This is why it is recommended that you create modular and decoupled apps that have independent microservices and programs that are capable of performing independently.

This decoupled structure is really effective and useful when anything goes wrong with your app. It allows you to isolate the faulty part of the app and as your upgrade that part, all other segments, and functions of the app can work independently. All this makes your app more reliable for customers.

Additionally, you can hire third-party services to repair and develop these microservices so that you can invest your time and efforts in development of other important aspects of the service.


3. As you are ready to deploy your app make sure that you keep what your users expect from the service. You should always consider the requirements of your target audience so that you can scale your application over time. One important aspect in this field is that you ensure that your application is reliable and efficient enough to keep all the existing users engages and is appealing to potential users no matter where they are.
As you start scaling your app on a global scale you should be having multiple data centers so that all the users get seamless coverage all around the globe. 

4. No matter how amazing and useful your app is – if it is not optimized for battery usage and bandwidth consumption users are going to switch to some other app inevitably. This is where you make sure that your app works equally well under all conditions. You can develop your app in such a way that it can optimize its performance according to the internet connection.
Moreover, you can lower the frequency of background app refresh and activities to keep the battery consumption of your app to a minimum level. You should always communicate about this with your service provider so that you can opt and implement the best possible options for low battery consumption.


5. Lastly, security is another important aspect of your app so make sure that pay special attention to that. Keeping user data safe should be your top priority so make you have the latest and the best security features for your app. This will improve the credibility of your app and your user retention rate is going to improve eventually. You can go for end-to-end encryption for messaging services as well. 

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