Show me a person who says that writing essays is easy and nothing but fun. There is literally no way this human being lives on this planet. A parallel universe? Perhaps. There is so much that you need to do in order to prepare your mind and body to such a time- and energy-consuming process as writing an essay. You`ve got to do a little research in the library, then, after a couple of hours, realize that you could have easily found all that information on the Internet, come home, cry for a few hours, and then continue working on that essay.

    If only there was a way to make things easier. Hold on, we know the way out. What can be an easier way to write an essay than not writing it at all? The guys from will take care of every home assignment that has been giving you hell so far. See? The digital era provides us with a huge load of benefits, including super helpful apps which may actually turn your writing session into a fun activity. So, what are they?

    Dragon Dictation

    Do you want to feel like a spy in cool movies or, perhaps, a scientist who is in a middle of a major research and is too busy to write something down, so instead, he usually uses a voice recorder? Or is it most likely that you`re an average student who is done with all the typing and wants a machine to do all the work? Yep, “Dragon Dictation” will write down every single word and every precious idea that the ingenious mind of yours is producing with the speed of light. Some people are just slow typewriters, but fast thinkers, and when they are diving into a creative process, they can`t just spill it all out in a document.

    So, now you have a little friend who will record it all and turn into a text. Besides, you never know when the inspiration flow is going to hit you. It can be right on the subway when there is a zero opportunity to write everything down. So you can just use “Dragon Dictation” pretending that you`re talking on the phone so people won`t assume you`re crazy. We`re not sure how this particular app treats Scottish people (you know, because of the accent), but I guess you`re going to find out soon.


    Do you sometimes think that the ideas in your head form some kind of a creative mess that you`ll never ever be able to untangle? “Coggle” may help you out with it! No worries, it`s not going to scan your brain, it will just improve the technique of brainstorming which you use while writing an essay. The chaotic flow of your thoughts will be organized meticulously, and the app will come up with a so-called “mind map”. Any essay is supposed to have a structure so it would be readable and easy for understanding. How is a reader supposed to follow your point if you jump from one topic to another?

    In order to compartmentalize your ideas and keep track of your thoughts, you should type in everything that`s on your mind. The program will visualize those imagination creations of yours and will connect them. “Coggle” will help you to come up with the best title for your essay and form the paragraphs.

    Write or Die

    The best option for all procrastinators out there. If you`ve been thinking of hiring a person who will constantly remind you of all the load of writing you have to do and will always motivate you to submit essays on time, then you`ll be thrilled to find out that this person already exists in a form of this app. You need to set up the goals, come up with a plan and stick to it on a regular basis. Let`s say, you want to write an introduction and a couple of first paragraphs till midday and you let this app know about your intentions.

    If you don`t fulfill the task, then the punishment will be quick to come. Every time you accomplish a certain goal, you need to mark it in the app. If you fail to do that, your phone will start making terrible annoying noises that won`t be easy to turn off. But if you ignore your goals completely, then don`t expect “Write or Die” to be merciful. It may even start deleting some of your notes on the phone. Don`t mess with it!

    Written? Kitten!

    In comparison with the previous one which can be considered to be “a bad cop”, this one is “a good cop”, because it rewards you every time you accomplish the goal. Which one will suit you best? It depends on how purposeful you`re. if you`re a professional procrastinator, then the feeling of fear will probably work best for you. In case you can describe yourself as a person who can pull it together and get to writing, then the kitten version of an app is right for you.

    How does it work? There are many variations of rewards for different accomplishments. For example, you wrote a hundred words. That`s a good start! Here`s your image of the cutest kitten on the planet you can take a look at. Did you finish two hundred words? Here`s another picture of an even cuter kitten. What`s not to love about this app?


    I guess, all the essay app creators were competing trying to come up with the most creative name for their tool. Is it better than the ingenious “Written? Kitten!”? It`s up to you to decide. This is a serious app which will check the spelling and grammar mistakes, point out the wrong order of words in a sentence, illogical structure of phrases, wrong articles,and other common mistakes.

    Are you one of those daredevils who submits an essay without proofreading it? At least give “editMinion” a chance to do all the work for you!

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