Everyone wants to earn profit for themselves, the means to do it is what is different. If mining bitcoins is your chosen path, you will need to have tech that’s powerful enough for the job. Besides a super-fast computer, you will need a bitcoin mining software that will deliver the mining hardware’s work to the rest of the network. The software will also receive work from other miners, display your mining speed, hashrate, temperature, and fan speed. Let’s talk about the top 4 software to use.

1. CGMiner

CGMiner is by far the best mining software. The software supports Windows, OS X, Mac, Linux, and many more platforms, making it a undisputed winner. It comes with ATI GPU monitoring and has overclocking monitoring, remote interface capabilities, fan control speed, self-detection of new blocks, among other features that are designed to help you mine efficiently. Its been around the longest, which makes it the most famous and commonly used software by miners.

2. MultiMiner

If you are transitioning from bitcoin trading to mining, then the MultiMiner software is the best option for you. The same way trading is made easy by peer-to-peer programs like Paxful, MultiMiner makes mining relatively easy for the newcomers. It’s a desktop software embedded with features that detect network devices, and monitor and control MultiMiner rigs remotely. It allows you to swift mining devices between different cryptos such as Litecoin, Ethereum, and bitcoin without any effort and to choose which of the coins to mine by detecting the mining engine. It’s also compatible with most mining devices, including Block Erupter, HashBuster Micro, and Bitforce, making your work relatively easy.

3. EasyMiner  

This software is more of a combination of the BFGminer and CGminer than software on itself. If you don’t like working on the popular command-line interface-based tools, then this software is your best option. You get graphical visualization of your performance and statistics to help you make decisions. You can also configure the software to mine in a pool or to do it solo. You will have a ‘MoneyMaker” mode from which you can create an instant paper LTC wallet and connect it to your private pool. During the installation process, you should expect your windows to jump around, but it stabilizes after a while. The software is only available for Windows, but you can use it on Ubuntu as well.

4. Miner-Server

Miner-Server is a cloud-based software that’s perfect if you don’t want to invest in expensive ASIC miners. The software puts you in a mining pool with other users who you will divide the payout with. You have to select which price-based package you want to purchase. The package will determine the hashing power range you get, but you can increase your hashpower by referring other miners to sign up through your preference.

Mining hardware handles the actual mining, but the software connects you to the blockchain if you are a solo miner or to the mining pool if you want to join a pool. From our top 4 picks, choose the one that serves you the best.

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