When it comes to turning a profit at the casino, there are some games that are better suited for that than others. In this article, we will share the 3 hardest casino games to win. Of course,  being harder to win usually also means offering better rewards, so if you’re feeling lucky, you should definitely try some of these games out.


If you are thinking of including poker in your staking plans, be ready to put up a fight, because poker is by far one of the most difficult games to win in a casino, whether in real life or online. While learning the basic rules isn’t too difficult, mastering the game of poker takes years of dedicated practice and probably, thousands of dollars in losses.

Not only do you have to learn strategy, but your competition is also stiffer compared to most other casino games, as you will be competing not only with the dealer or computer but also with at least two (usually more) other players who are just as desperate to take home a big prize. That being said, poker is very fun, but be wary of getting into high-waging games early on. You will be far better off slowly learning the game with lower stakes.

Big Wheel

The “Big Wheel” games are often the ones that people associate with casinos, and they are usually the easiest to spot and in the center of any casino, you visit. However, the reason for this is very simple: Casinos like to make money and the odds with “Big Wheel” games are severely stacked in their favor. Roulette is a great example of this. Even though it offers great returns, the odds of waging on the right number are severely low.

You can also bet on getting an odd or even number, or getting red or black, but even with that your options are fairly limited and the returns are significantly lower than what you would get for betting on numbers. 


Many people associate Blackjack with being a straightforward game where your chances are 50/50 with the dealer, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Yes, you are technically on an even playing field, but only if you are a very advanced player who knows all the rules and how to utilize them to your advantage.

To be continually successful at Blackjack, you will probably need years of practice and experience. Once you master it, you can consider it a game of luck, but until then, you should see it for what it is: a very hard casino game to win.

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