The video gaming industry is now worth more than the worlds of music and film put together, with  the competitive community in particular really grabbing a slice of the action through lucrative sponsorships and stunning events around the world. 

It’s the dream of every gamer out there to make it as a pro and earn money from the games they love, and this new lucrative boom in the industry has unlocked plenty of opportunities for them to carve out a name for themselves. 

Here are our tips on becoming a pro gamer in the Esports world. 

Become A Specialist

Becoming a professional gamer is a long, tough grind. Requiring hundreds upon hundreds of hours to reach the level required to play the game professionally, it’s important to remember that becoming a pro player is much more like a job than it is just sitting back and enjoying a game. 

As well as ensuring that you’re investing your time into one singular game, it’s important to make sure that the time you spend is invested in honing your skills and becoming the best in class. Take an Esport like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Valve Corporation’s first-person shooter that still stands as one of the top three games in the competitive world. 

With a high skill ceiling, the game has a variety of different roles and responsibilities that a player can work on in game. Whilst it might be tempting to try and work your way through these roles and keep the game feeling fresh, the real pros in the game know their roles and hone their skills specifically for that when they play. Grinding hundreds of hours at these roles may sound like a tall order, but it’s the difference between someone who enjoys the game, and someone who wants to make some money by being amongst the best in the world. 

Back Yourself With Skill Gaming

Skill Gaming is a new online form of wagering that has really found a home within the Esports community. Sites like now offer a unique blockchain-supported feature that allows players the chance to back their skills and make money playing games. Instead of the standard form of betting where players back a certain team or individual in a variety of markets, virtual skill gaming synchs up a player’s personal accounts and presents them with a set number of challenges from their chosen games. Players can choose between any number of these challenges and choose how much they want to back themselves to complete them; depending on their level of experience and ability in game, the odds will fluctuate and vary. 

Instantaneous, available 24/7 and without the traditional risks of real-world wagering such as hustlers or sharks, skill gaming allows users to cash in on their skills and take their gaming to the next level. 

The digital format allows for more exotic odds and greater flexibility in the way users play, and is still the number one way of living life like an actual pro player. 


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