2016 was a year of changes, and Google was no exception to it. It also made some major changes to its paid ads features, and that only accounts for better PPC marketing. Google is, by far, the most dominant player in pay-per-click marketing, and so it is AdWords that every PPC marketing agency is sure to be skilled, if not perfect in.

This blog post lets you know about the three ground-breaking trends that can make PPC (AdWords in particular) a profitable deal for your paid marketing campaign right now.

1. Expanded Text Ads Feature

AdWords is what lets you reach your audience through text-based paid ads. The 2016 update expanded the scope of text in its ads. Instead of one headline, as featured earlier, you now have two headlines and each is capable of accommodating up to 30 characters. And, that is followed by an 80 character description. Now, that makes a total of 140 characters, almost double than what was available before. Before the update, all you had was a 25 character headline and two 35 character description spaces.

Also, instead of manually adding the URL in the text, now you can simply use the Sitelink extension. So, you have even more space. And, the cherry on the cake – you can link it up to two paths. How awesome is that!

What it means for you:

This means the luxury of space. As an advertiser, it certainly means more business through more visibility. For those who have felt that AdWords text ads were like putting an ad into a procrustean bed, this update is everything. This update is also helping you capture the best of mobile users with ad extensions like Call extension that is so handy for mobile users to call you with just one tap.

2. Voice Search

Yes, voice search is a top Google trend, and you must get your PPC campaign as well as your website search in line with it. With the advent of voice command devices like Google Home and Amazon Echo, the future of Google search lies in voice search, indeed.

What it means for you:

When your website is aligned with voice search, it gives you the opportunity to turn your PPC campaign towards the keywords that your website is receiving traffic from. It is actually a handy method to collect data and usable information for your SEO as well.

And, just in case you are not convinced with this trend, you must know that Google voice search has seen a 35 times growth in the last 8 years.

3. Interactive Advertising

If paid advertising is going any further it is the interactive way. With the rise of smartphones and mobile devices, media-based ads are gaining traction. Interactive ads are a great way to give the audience a life-like sneak peek into the product itself. And, the great news is that media-based ads can be used on videos, displays, pop-ups, and even social media.

What it means for you

This kind of interactive advertising can hook your customers to check out your product while they spend time on their favorite media. They actually don’t need to first come to your website especially. While they watch their favorite video or swipe over their Facebook account, you can have their attention and bring them to your website. It is one of the best ways to establish a connection with your prospective audience on platforms they spend maximum time on.

PPC marketing, right now, is just what you may need to be on top of Google. These three trends are ready to take you there even faster, especially if you work with a good agency like Best PPC Marketing.

Richard is an experienced tech journalist and blogger who is passionate about new and emerging technologies. He provides insightful and engaging content for Connection Cafe and is committed to staying up-to-date on the latest trends and developments.