Although gaming started as an activity only practiced by young people and tech enthusiasts, it is now an everyday part of our lives and a huge opportunity for entertainment. Over time, online and multiplayer gaming became more popular as it provides players with human interaction and more engaging experience.

However, single-player gaming is still around, and it still constitutes a big part of the gaming landscape. Many times, single-player gaming represents the go-to for many. Single-player games hold a large number of upsides that still make them worth playing even in 2019. We will showcase a couple of those upsides in this article.

Learning Opportunities

Gaming, although it seems like a simple action practiced only for fun it actually involves a lot of skill. Some games are unplayable if you don’t have a basic skill level. But, honing your skills and getting used to the game is more difficult in the beginning if you’re playing against dozens of other people as the pressure is higher.

Fortunately, most online games feature single-player modes that enable you to improve your gaming skills before getting into the “ring.” If you want to play a FPS game, first getting used with the scenery and the features in a single-player mode might prove helpful. 

This rule applies to other types of games as well, one of the most popular being the casino ones. In the casino environment, your gaming opportunities are quite large. You can play slots such as Book of Ra for pure entertainment as they don’t require such a high skill level. You can make the most of them from day one.

But, if you want to play other games such as Poker you might first want to learn the basics before challenging others. Most poker rooms provide users with the option of playing with the computer to understand the basic rules and improve their game. Such a controlled environment is helpful for beginner players and it can only be accessed through single-player games.

Increased Relaxation

For many people, gaming represents an activity performed to attain a high state of relaxation after a stressful day. However, not all types of games enable users to get into a deep and relaxing state. If you’re in the middle of the action of a multiplayer game it is quite difficult to take a step back and chill.

In many online games, the pressure of having a good game is quite high as your teammates rely on you to do a great job. These aspects make the whole multiplayer experience quite entertaining and adrenaline-filled. The problem is that it is quite difficult to relax under such circumstances, often the opposite being accomplished.

Single-player gaming excels in this sector as it enables users to fully emerge themselves in a peaceful gaming session and enjoy the whole storyline. Open world games are a great example. They have a single-player mode that allows you to discover the story and the whole virtual world. But, they also have multiplayer versions that enable you to engage with the community and have more action-filled fun.

Instant Access

Multiplayer online games, although very entertaining, are often lacking in the speed department as users have to experience long waiting periods. Usually, you have to wait for enough users to join the game. If you get eliminated, you then have to wait some more for the game to end in order to play again. This can be very time consuming and a considerable downside in our fast paced society.

 Happily, in a single-player game, the waiting periods are slim to none. This is advantageous for people running on a tight schedule that desire to play something. Most of the times you can access the games instantly, and exit at any time, without losing progress. 


 There is no direct competition between single-player and multiplayer gaming. Both of them come with their strong and weak points. No one form is better than the other. But, because of the upsides single-player gaming holds in certain situations, it represents a great option in 2019 and beyond.

Richard is an experienced tech journalist and blogger who is passionate about new and emerging technologies. He provides insightful and engaging content for Connection Cafe and is committed to staying up-to-date on the latest trends and developments.