DHL is one of the world’s largest international shipping companies. They provide fast, reliable, and cost-effective delivery to more than 220 countries around the globe. But what if you want to know where your package is? If this sounds like a familiar situation, read on because we have the ultimate guide for tracking your shipment from DHL.

How to Check for your Package

• Step 1: Go to the DHL website,, and click on Express below the search bar.
• Step 2: Type in your tracking number in the box provided, press ‘Enter’ on your keyboard or click Track. If you need help finding your tracking number, you can quickly navigate the website and use the contact option.
• Step 3: Select your country of origin and click Track in the following box that pops up. If you want to track a shipment that has already been delivered, go ahead and select Show packages instead. Or, if you have a question about a shipment, choose Comment.
• Step 4: You should now be looking at the track page for your shipment. Here, you can see the current location of your package, delivery status, and even a map.

How to Track by Phone

If you cannot access the Internet or if you would prefer tracking via phone, DHL has an automated service that will make this process much easier. You only need to have your phone plan in service and call.

• Step 1: Call DHL’s customer service phone number, which in the USA is 1-800-225-5345.
• Step 2: Press 2 when prompted to speak with an agent.
• Step 3: Enter your tracking number when prompted.
• Step 4: Wait for a response from your call center representative and follow their instructions. This is how DHL shipment tracking works.

Can’t Track your Package?

If you’re trying to track a DHL shipment and you can’t find the right information, here are some common reasons why this might be happening. None of them are cause for alarm as DHL’s customer support team is always ready to assist

• Reason 1: The package is still in transit. This may seem obvious, but sometimes things happen to packages that are out of DHL’s control. If your package is still being shipped to you, then there’s a chance that it hasn’t been scanned yet. You only have to wait for a few days and get it delivered to your designated location.
• Reason 2: Your package has been delivered, but you don’t have it. If this is the case, the chances are high that you didn’t receive a delivery notice from DHL. In some cases, your mail carrier may have delivered your package without leaving a slip. Check with your local post office about this.
• Reason 3: The shipment is held up at customs. Sometimes, international customs hold DHL packages, which can delay delivery up to several days or more. This happens most often in places like China and India, where strict customs rules are enforced.


So now that you know how to track your package from DHL, there should be no more unannounced deliveries. It is important to note that the information here applies primarily to shipments within the United States and Canada. Please consult your respective country’s authorities for DHL’s official tracking numbers worldwide if you live outside these two countries.

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