The rise of ecommerce has led to greater business opportunities. You can now find customers and ship items in ways that were unimaginable only a few years ago. For example, perishable foods can now be sold via online stores, and shipped great distances.If this appeals to you, there are some important nuances to this niche market of which you should be aware.

Here’s the trick to selling perishables online.

Ok, well, actually—tricks, plural.

Create a Storage System

First and foremeost, you have to package them the right way. There are a few options available for sending food or other perishables long distances. Some form of insulation will be necessary. This can come in the form of a Styrofoam box or an insulated liner to help maintain the optimal temperature of your perishables. You will also need to use dry ice or ice packs to keep the products cool. There are pros and cons to each option. Dry ice keeps your products dry, which is of course preferable to the dampness of a standard cooling pack. However, dry ice also requires stricter shipping. This will require you to determime shipping policy of the carrier in this regard.

Figure Out Your Shipping Situation

Because dry ice is classified as a hazardous material, you will need to label any boxes containing it as such. Check in with UPS and FedEx to determine their exact requirements before shipping anything for the first time. You don’t want to violate any hazardous materials laws.

Make Your Brand Stand Out

Selling perishables online is about more than the logistical aspects. You also need to develop some customer interest. Place particular emphasis upon the build out of your website and establishing your brand. The best website builder for ecommerce is one that allows for high levels of customization without a lot of headaches. You will want to showcase your products in all their glory with a highly visual template.

Also take some tome to establish a social media presence during this period. The face of your brand in the online space, your personathere will have a definite effect on the perception of your business. Choose your social media outlets based upon what make sense for your market. Naturally, you’ll tap into foodie culture to increase your brand awareness. Social media influencers are a great way to introduce consumers to your product in this regard. Find a group of like-mided influencers within your niche to be part of your marketing strategy.

Consider Hyperlocal Ecommerce

Hyperlocal ecommerce is another potential avenue for people trying to sell perishables online. With hyperlocal ecommerce, you sell only to people within your immediate geographical area. This takes away the need to deal with complex shipping protocols. However, it also limits your pool of potential customers. Consider the viability of hyperlocal ecommerce for your business. You might even try it along with a more conventional ecommerce strategy to see which method leads to better ROI.

Learn How to Pack for Efficiency

This rule should apply to all online stores—but especially those dealing in perishables. It makes sense to have a variety of sizes for Styrofoam containers, since some orders will be significantly smaller than others. Having too much empty space will lead you to waste resources, and incur higher shipping costs. Further, it can lead to your perishables being damaged while in transit.

The trick to selling perishables online is to make the best use of modern technology.These tips will help ypu get your perishable products where they belong, in the hands of hungry customers.

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