Rummy is a fun game that is often played in most traditional Indian households. Now, as most of the card games can be played online too, the number of rummy followers in urban areas is also increasing. While the base concept of rummy remains the same, there are some remarkable differences that distinguish online rummy against offline rummy. As an avid rummy player, you will surely love to read how the two are different. So here is a comprehensive list to help add to your knowledge:

Play Rummy Legally Using Money

One of the major problems of playing rummy offline is that you cannot play using money as it will be regarded as gambling. This is not the case when you play rummy online. This means you may earn a bit through your luck as you play rummy online. There is however an online system to regulate your gaming so that you do not get addicted to the whole process.

Don’t Need to Hunt for Cards Anymore

When you consider playing Indian Rummy offline, it means you need to have a proper deck of cards and the right number of players to play. It is not always possible to find other players keen on playing when you are in the mood to play. This may ruin the whole mood. On the contrary, if you wish to play rummy online, it is just the matter of opening the app and there you have other players and the deck of cards waiting for you. So, what could be more convenient than playing the game online with your virtual friends. What is more? If your friends are online, you may even invite them to play with you.

Learn Time Management with Online Rummy Game

When you play a game of rummy offline, time may not be such a strict constraint. While the other players may nudge you to play fast, you may still take your own sweet time. That is not the case with online rummy. When you are playing the game online, after the stipulated time, you will miss your turn or may even be removed from the game. This means that you need to learn to manage time. The good side of it is that you will learn time management while you enjoy playing rummy.

Internet Connection is Vital

The one drawback when you play online is that the internet connection is vital. You cannot play the game if the connection is not proper.

Play with Unknown Partners

When you play rummy offline, you know who you are playing with and have a rough idea of the strategies they use in the game. The thrill in online rummy is in playing with unknown virtual partners and learning their strategies from beginning.

No Scope to Cheat Here

The best part surely is that you cannot cheat in the online rummy game. This means that you get to play a fair game.

Now since you know the differences, aren’t you more keen to play a game of online rummy?

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