Yes, in today’s world, most everything we do is online. That is just a matter of fact. We love to post pictures, watch videos, listen to music, and just browse the web in general. However, we are all familiar with those data overage messages that lead to huge financial penalties. What are some of the most data consuming apps out there and how do you stop paying these ridiculous overage charges?

    Android & Google Browsers

    You might not think that the browser on your Android phone uses a whole lot of data, but this is not so at all. Sure, simply surfing the web and looking at blogs do not use as much data as straight video streaming or online gameplay, but when it comes to being hooked up to your home WIFI, Android browsers use a fair amount of data. This does have to do with the way in which the Android browser functions, but that is a story for another day. Don’t use your Android browser unless you have a good unlimited data NBN plan because you will get an overage notification in no time at all. The same can be said for the Google Chrome browser, which uses more data than any other browser at this time.


    No matter if you are on your computer, your phone, your Roku, or any other device that allows you to watch videos, YouTube eats through data like nothing else. Watching just a few minutes of video can eat through countless megabytes of data. Yes, you are better off viewing these videos on your home computer rather than on your smartphone, but either way, the data cost is going to be fairly large. Some NBN plans out there offer unlimited data, so you if you like watching YouTube videos, you should definitely look into this.

    Social Media Sites – FB & Instagram

    Social media apps use a whole lot of data. If you are constantly viewing images and videos on Instagram, and even uploading and sharing them, data overage messages are sure to hit your inbox sooner rather than later. This is also true for Facebook and other social media sites, especially when you let videos play on their own. Yes, you are best using your home WIFI to do this stuff rather than your cellular data, but even that can add up fast. Good NBN plans with lots of data, or even unlimited data can help put an end to data overage charges once and for all.

    Music Streaming Apps – Spotify

    Yes, Spotify is a great music streaming app, one that has pretty much every single song out there known to mankind. However, if you spend the live long day streaming music directly from the app, you are definitely going to go over your data limit in no time at all. Yes, you can use your home internet to download albums right to your device (if you are a premium member), but even that will take up a lot of data. Once again, the trick here is to have a good internet provider with a great plan.

    Dating Apps

    You might not think it, but swiping left on all of those potential matches uses up quite a bit of data as well. Whether you are on your phone, tablet, or computer, if you want to find that special somebody through an online dating service, you need to have a great internet plan. You definitely do not want your data running out just when you find that special somebody

    Data Killing Apps

    Whether you are online dating, watching videos, or just browsing the internet, NBN plans with unlimited data are essential if you want to stop getting those annoying data overage messages.

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