2020 has been a very difficult period for a lot of us, especially business owners and the unemployed, but as well for the everyday person as we’ve been placed into some sort of lockdown that has limited what we can do for entertainment. Because of this, many online tv and movie streaming services have benefitted from this and therefore consumers have been given a whole host of new content – today we asses which streaming services are the best in 2020.

Online streaming services haven’t been the only online entertainment service that has benefitted in 2020 due to the lockdown and restrictions of social distancing. Online casinos such as at Max Casinos have capitalised on this new form of demand and have ridden the wave of the lockdown by offering all new customer to their sites offers that cannot be turned down, as well as fast withdrawals, 24/7 access as standard and some of the highest quality casinos on the market. 

The mainstream service that burst onto the UK market back in 2013 is that of Netflix, and if you were to get one streaming service then we’d have to recommend Netflix as the one to get. Due to them increases their subscribers by 16 million during the beginning of lockdown, they’ve been able to supply their consumers with the freshest content on the market – something that is every changing each month.

The next streaming service in which we would recommend would be that of Prime Video presented to us by e-commerce marketplace giants Amazon. Although Prime Video doesn’t have the content that Netflix has, it does have other perks in which you can have Prime for all their other services; mainly their Next Day Delivery service which is immaculate if you ask us. If you love browsing Amazon and are purchasing from them frequently, at £7 a month, Prime Video is worth it for all the perks. 

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