One of the best routers available will be an essential requirement if you are a fan of gaming regardless of whether you are a casual gamer or a hard-core one. You will have an understanding that your performance during the game will depend on the Internet connection you have. However, if you are going to use a Wi-Fi connection it will be crucial for you to have the best router for gaming which will be appropriate to the task.

In this article, we have attempted to search for the best router for gaming in 2018. We have identified 12 different options that are available at different prices. We have taken into account the following factors before arriving at our decision of the best gaming router.


You may have a cutting-edge system but if you don’t have appropriate routers you can rest assured that your system won’t be able effectively to handle the needs of your performance. It will not be difficult for an average gamer to manage with a system that is outdated but if you are a hard-core gaming enthusiast your requirements will be different and need features that can deliver a great experience to you.

Every user is not fortunate enough to have a hardwired ethernet connection even though it is the best possible option. The speed and consistency of your gameplay will be entirely different if you have networking hardware of the appropriate kind along with a high-speed Internet service coupled with a graphics card of the modern variety and PC components which are of the latest variety.

If you have invested money in one of the best router available you will not only be able to enjoy your gaming experience but will also get an opportunity to enjoy free slots in the UK whenever or you can get football predictions when you are in the mood for something different. High-end gaming routers all have additional features that you are unlikely to find in a standard model. They are built with a processor that is more robust and has the ability to prioritize traffic for gaming over the network.

Dual or tri-band networking is also available with the routers chosen by us giving you a number of extra ports for input, enhanced security, and software. VPN support to eradicate the requirement of your computer to run the router in the background which also allows you the opportunity to free up resources will be available with some of the high-end router models which we have chosen.

The prices of the best routers chosen by us are in the range of $100 and leading up to $500. You can make a choice of the best router according to the budget you have but you can rest assured you will be able to choose the best router for gaming and streaming in 2018 from the selection we have made for you. The routers suggested by us can also support multiple devices within the home without compromising on the speed of quality of the connection. That is one of the advantages which sets our category apart from some of the inexpensive routers which are available on the market.

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