If you think about a football computer game, your first thoughts often go to FIFA. Their games have continued to grow as football and game consoles have grown throughout the generations.

    FIFA is played on a grand scale around the world, Premier League and other top football sides even have FIFA players signed to the club who compete in eSports tournaments which are also included in the football betting on offer at all good sportsbooks.

    While FIFA often takes most of the headlines, there are still loads of different games which are incredibly fun to play.

    Pro Evolution Soccer

    The main rival to the FIFA series is Pro Evolution Soccer. It goes up against FIFA head-to-head by providing full football gameplay in a similar style. Pro Evolution focuses its attention on the gameplay in matches, while not having the licensed names for players and clubs. 

    By focusing on the gameplay over the names, they have been able to carve out a large following who prefer the gameplay style over FIFA’s and don’t mind the random names that come with it.

    Pro Evolution Soccer offers different formats including tournaments, career modes, and exhibition games as well as excellent online gameplay.

    Rocket League

    This may not be your standard and familiar footballing experience. Rocket League mixes football with cars and vehicles in a wild and crazy game to keep you entertained for ages.

    You take control of cars fitted with rockets and compete in a football-style game against the computer or online against competitors around the world.

    Rocket League’s most popular form is the 3v3 games where each team must attack and defend against the other two sides all at once. 

    There aren’t technical differences in styles of pass and shooting, it’s smashing the ball toward the opponents’ goals with your vehicle. You can change your cars depending on what appearance and style you like.

    It’s a simple, yet exciting game to play and a great one to play with friends online.

    Football Manager

    Having started as Championship Manager, Football Manager was born in 2005 after changes within the company and has gone from a cult favorite to one of the most popular football games on offer.

    You take full control of any professional team in the world as a manager. You don’t play the games like in FIFA, but you control everything off the pitch as well from the sideline on matchday.

    Manage your favorite club or start right at the bottom and work your way up the football pyramids managing every aspect of your team. From transfers to training, scouting and sponsorships, and hiring staff, there is so much to do.

    You can go as in-depth as you like, or you can hand off responsibilities to your assistant manager and director of football if you don’t want to get overwhelmed with all the different responsibilities at the club.

    You can even get a handheld version on your smartphone which offers a slightly simpler version. 

    World Soccer League

    This game is offered on smartphones using iOS and Android. World Soccer League is a great downloadable game at your fingertips where you can play real games in Exhibition, Cup League, and Training modes.

    It is massively popular with more than one billion downloads on the Google Play Store with excellent ratings. 

    The game is easy to play with simple controls yet great fun. The touchscreen joystick is well-designed and operates brilliantly to ensure you enjoy every second of the action.

    Dream League Soccer

    Like World Soccer League, this is a great game for you on your smartphone to enjoy fun and competitive gameplay with multi-player and offline modes.

    Create your dream team with a wide range of real players as well as customize your teams’ kits and logos while building the stadium, training facilities, and medical facilities.

    While it has some of the basics of FIFA, it is a lite version that has its similarities and is one of the closest games to real soccer you can get on an iOS and Android device.

    The graphics are decent the gameplay enjoyable which having an easy-to-use touchscreen joystick to ensure you get the hang of it right away.

    Soccer Manager

    While Football Manager may be for the football purists, Soccer Manager offers an excellent free-to-play mobile game with similarities to the popular FM games.

    Soccer Manager 2023 offers great graphics, and an extensive transfer market that is populated with thousands of real players. 

    Build your facilities, develop your stadium, and analyze your teams’ performances with statistical data on offer.

    It’s available in an instant on your phone at any moment, take your club everywhere you go and manage them to the top.

    There are these and so much more to search through and find your new favorite on your smartphone or games console, however, you like to play.

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