It’s now an undoubted opinion that Internet of Things is the future. We are just wondering about the areas to which it would be making its way. Talking about that thing, we cannot ignore whatever that the combo of IoT and vehicles has to offer. Starting with the implementation of GPS navigation systems, the primary steps of IoT were visible from the early stage itself.

Now, however, we are talking about something else — currently being called Telematics. While Telematics may refer to many things, we will be talking about the merging of technology and vehicular technologies. To be more precise, we will be talking about how IoT has the ability to transform day-to-day vehicles but also the whole transportation experience.

Let’s have a look at how IoT is going to change how we drive and travel.

#1 Better Information, Better Vehicle Management

Probably the biggest possibility of Internet of Things is that it can bring you easily-accessible information on the vehicle. You don’t have to sit inside your car to find out the current temperature, thanks to some of the most accurate temperature monitoring systems out there. Similarly, you can spot the current GPS location of your vehicle using your smartphone screen. These things gradually lead to a situation where your vehicle becomes a haven for your life. This is what the right use of right sensors would lead to.

#2 Connected Transportation

When we talk about IoT and vehicles, we must talk about the proper use of sensors and radars. If we take a case of Tesla vehicles, for instance, these vehicles are equipped with multi-purpose radars and sensors that can analyze what is surrounding the vehicles — say, other vehicles or obstacles. Soon enough, we’ll be able to create a virtual, real-time map of the whole transportation networks. This helps not just in analysis but in making sure that there are fewer accidents and associated issues.

#3 Let’s Talk Diversity

You have to believe us when we say that Internet of Things is helping more people get into the world of cars and driving vehicles. That is simply because we are developing a world that can actually make intelligent and practical decisions without human intervention. We are not there yet, but, soon, we can have cars that are completely autonomous. You just have to get into the vehicle and sit there while the IoT systems and real-time traffic analysis takes care of the rest.

#4 Better Convenience

Convenience is one of the major aspects where you can see the differences made by Internet of Things. For instance, you can actually make use of auto-parking, which would keep your vehicle at the designated place — and the vehicle does that all by itself. Similarly, your car will be air conditioned by the time you get in. It’s just one of the many areas where you can utilize remote control options. This convenience is going to result in, of course, more people going to the driving sector.

#5 Security

It is true that the Internet has changed the way we look at security and safety. Internet of Things is going to make that possible in the case of vehicles, not just cars. The long story short, you will be having a safer and impressive driving experience. You don’t have to worry about sudden braking, since the sensors as well as the analytic algorithms are powerful enough to predict accidents. Similarly, even if you fall asleep amidst the drive, there are systems to stop and park the car on the side. Plus, the GPS systems provide you an awesome level of protection from theft-related issues.

So, what do you think about IoT and vehicles? Do let us know through your comments.

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