Can the Audials One 2017 get any better? Yes, finally the change is here –  Audials One 2018.

To start with, Audials is since 2005 the best media recorder out there. Now, the new generation 2018 has been released few months ago and we can assess the advantages of version 2018 as opposed to version 2017. Of course, many changes have been made regarding the features and the look of the software, speed etc. Have we mentioned the dashboard? It’s worth analyzing too!

Listed features of Audials One 2018

Music Wishes & Music Search.

  • Radio
  • Podcast
  • Converter
  • Copy DVD.
  • Media Center.

Without further ado, let’s get to an in-depth analysis of the app.

First, the Audials One 2018 software exists for Windows operating systems. The Audials Radio app is also available for the mobile devices running Android and iOS. Unfortunately, the Mac version of the software does not exist. The home dashboard gives users an overview of the possibilities such as recording audio, video, finding new music with the new AI-supported feature Music Zoom and suggests radios and podcasts based on previous searches. The new design includes elements of the Windows 10 Fluent Design and gives a more pleasant user interface.

Second, let’s get to the search algorithm of the software. From recent individual reviews, it seems Audials One 2018 has improved in terms of how fast music is found and recorded. To be specific, if one is searching for music, it lists the “best” quality results that are based on a system tarring, and from previous contents, one had looked up for. Furthermore, each week new music charts are provided for free such as single charts, rock, dance, pop and even the latest music video charts.

Third, an increased download speed has been detected. Audials One 2017 seemed was slightly slower. Plus, the latest generation can record music from streaming services such as Spotify and many more at high speed. This is a unique feature that competitors do not offer.

Fourthly, exactly how right is the “radio“ feature? In summary, when it comes to streaming international radio channels, it gets a 10/10. Once you click the radio tab, a smaller subsection appears with the currently available radio stations. Over 300,000 web radio channels are presently available, ranging all the way from local, national to even international ones. Further impressive is the ability to save the last 200 songs played on a radio channel in MP3 and listen to them later offline. Admittedly, this would make you the music guru. Won’t it?

Lastly, let’s get to the Save Video feature. You can record whole seasons of all favorite series by letting the Audials software automatically save and tag episode by episode in individual files. The latest generation now also enables you to record a list of all top movies for Netflix or Amazon Video by playing each video for a few seconds to let Audials save the URL and then letting the software do the rest.

Why is this software great?

The most intriguing feature is Audials Ones’ ability to combine multiple functions into a single mode. Here access to radio stations internationally, free music recording and media converting systems is supported.

The app’s user interface is easy to understand and use, while at the same time complex. The basic part applies to newbies who want to listen to music, while the gurus who want the best of tech can use many pro features to get the best quality recordings and manage their video library and media library properly.

Conclusively, the Audials one is undoubtedly the best and last in this category since it combines all features of the other Audials software editions into one – hence the name the Audials One. Instead of having multiple programs, it gets the job done under one roof. Efficient isn’t it?

Who exactly requires the Audials one 2018?

Those who need to:

  • Record and stream music from various sites.
  • Listen to and stream multiple podcasts.
  • Record TV shows and sports matches.
  • Convert audio books to audio formats.
  • Access to all international radio stations worldwide.
  • Convert videos to audios.
  • Save all types of entertainments forms.
  • Copy DVD both in the protected and unprotected forms. 

Are there any possible disadvantages?

At the moment, no glitches have been reported. However, is worth noting that the videos and audios despite passed the copywriter barrier, are not intended for resale, only for personal use. And yes, for beginners a complete appearance may derail the use at first.

To sum up, Audials One 2018 is arguably the best media player out there, facing only stiff competition from the Audials One 2017. Especially in listening to radio and downloading music videos online for free, it will serve you greatly. You can download Audials One 2018 from here.

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