Textsheet was an online resource helping students with their academic studies and making it easier for them to find the answers they needed. Unfortunately, Textsheet is no longer available due to copyright issues. This article discusses 10 effective alternatives that have been specifically selected to help you ace your academics again.

Textbook Solutions

These alternatives are ideal for students who are looking for the answers to textbook questions.

1. Textbook Solutions:

Textbook Solutions

Textbook Solutions provides comprehensive solutions and expert help in Physics, Maths, Chemistry, and many more courses as well as textbooks. It also has an online library with a vast selection of lesson plans.

2. Slader:


Slader is an online platform offering students textbook answers as well as practice problems and step-by-step tutorials. It contains millions of user-submitted solutions from a variety of textbooks, all tagged with the correct subject area and course level for easy searching.

Study Guides and Summaries

These alternatives are for students who need quick reference guides to summarise the essential points from their study material.

1. SparkNotes:


SparkNotes is an online repository of literature, history, math, and science study documents in concise summaries format as well as PowerPoint slides that cover the topics of the entire chapters on one page.

2. Course Hero:

Course Hero

Course Hero has a comprehensive library of summaries and reviews on articles, books, plays, and documentaries written by professors and other experts in their fields so students can understand the main points quickly before they start reading more detailed material.

Practice Problems and Exercises

These solutions are great for those who need help with homework assignments or quiz preparation.

1. Khan Academy:

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a free resource providing tutorial video lectures, practice exercises, and assessments on topics ranging from basic math to AP Biology. It is great for students to get help with their homework as well as build their skills in the area they are studying.

2. Quizlet:


Quizlet offers flashcards, practice quizzes, and study tools that allow users to quickly review and practice material. It offers educational content for a variety of courses and all activities are designed to help students learn more effectively.

Custom-Written Papers and Essays

These solutions can be used by students who require professional custom writing assistance with their academic essays, term papers, etc.

1. Paperhelp:


Paperhelp provides high-quality writing services on any given assignment types such as essays, coursework, term papers, and more. The team of professional writers offers unmatched writing expertise and guarantees originality as well as accuracy in every piece of work.

Online Tutoring

These alternatives provide an easy way to connect students with the right tutor that can help them improve their academic performance.

1. Chegg:


Chegg offers tutoring services in a variety of subjects including math, science, and English. Students can connect with professional tutors anytime through chat, phone, or video call to get help from them directly in their studies.

2. Crazy for Study:

Crazy for Study

Crazy for Study provides an extensive range of services including academic writing, paper editing, and proofreading as well as one-on-one online tutoring using advanced tools like Skype and webinar systems.

3. School Solver:

School Solver

School Solver offers a comprehensive suite of services where students can connect with experts in their field to get help for their assignments and research. It also provides notes, discussions, and practice tests that are updated regularly.


While the loss of Textsheet is felt by many, these 10 alternatives provide students with an ample source of information and help that allows them to ace their studies. With this selection, you are sure to find what you need for your academics without any trouble.

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