If you’re hoping that 2020 will be the year of the technological developments you’ve dreamed of, we have good news: You may be right. The technology news we’ve heard so far is very positive, and 2020 really seems to be an impressive year. The CES 2020 fair gave us some insight into what to expect this year, and most innovative companies already unveiled their 2020 plans. We can make very consistent estimates of what will happen this year. Below, you can see some of the tech advancements we expect in every industry, including casino games.

Folding Laptops

If you think folding phones are impressive, wait until you see folding laptops. This stunning technology has been underway since 2017, but it was Lenovo that made this dream come true. We have known the existence of this laptop since May 2019, but we saw a working prototype for the first time at the CES 2020. This 13.3-inch laptop has a single OLED panel with 2K resolution, and it will be available under the “ThinkPad X1” brand. You can even play at online casinos, such as Trada Casino, using this laptop. When folded, its size decreases by half, and there is no separate keyboard, as can be guessed, it is possible to place a touch-keyboard on any part of the screen. 

Mouthguard Toothbrushes

At first glance, this may not look like such an impressive innovation, but wait until you see how it works. Mouthguard is not like your usual toothbrushes. Like a real mouthguard used by boxers, you put it in your mouth and wait 10 seconds: All your teeth get cleaned without having to “brush”. Forget the recommended 2-minute brushing time – 10 seconds is enough because Mouthguard cleans all your teeth at the same time. You also get 15% better results than traditional brushes. 

Always On Laptop Screens

This is not actually a new idea, and it is already implemented in mobile phones. Samsung, for example, uses this technology and calls it “Always On”, which ensures that important information is displayed continuously on the screen even if it is turned off. However, adopting the same technology to laptops is not easy. The screen space required is much larger, and there are problems with both cost and battery life. Lenovo may be the first company to solve this problem: the front cover of the Thinkbook Plus series of laptops has a second screen that uses e-ink technology and is always on. Using the same method as eBook readers, it is possible to take notes on this screen. In other words, even if your laptop is turned off, you can access important information and documents from this secondary screen. 

Powersight Technology In Slots

Powersight is an interesting technology because it allows you to control any application with your eyes and not your hands. It is not actually a technology developed for casino games and can be used for all digital applications. However, we can say that the casino games offer the most enjoyable usage scenario! IGT is the first company to use this technology, and its new Sex & The City themed slot cabinet allows players to spin the reels with their eyes, not their hands. This cabin has a special seat and camera system and its already in use in some brick-and-mortar casinos. However, it is not difficult to predict that the same technology can be used in online slot games via webcams: 2020 will surely be a pleasant year for casino players.

Brain Microchips Are Coming

Intel has predicted that we will be controlling devices with our “thoughts” via microchips planted in our brains. (If you are wondering, they made that prediction in 2009.) Well, this may be really happening in 2020. The medical technology is advanced enough for planting an electronic device to our brain (or any part of our body), and according to a poll made during the CeBIT Trade Show, 23% of the population is more than ready to get their first implant. However, the “interface” part of this technology is still in the development phase. We came to a point where we can put silicon chips to our body without a problem, but we cannot do much with them. Analysts think that we will be able to give simple commands to devices (like turning on and off) but forget about giving complex orders for a while.

There Will Be Flying Taxis. Yes, Flying 

Uber and Hyundai showed their concept of a flying taxi during the CES 2020 event, and for the first time in a very long time, this may go beyond being a concept. This thing is actually a big drone with many propellers, and it drives itself. It has a range of 60 miles and can carry 4 passengers at the same time. You call it from your phone, it comes flying and picks you up. Of course, you need to be near to a Skyport where these things can land – you cannot call them anywhere. And of course, you must be living in a city with these skyports. The project still has a long way to go, but it is backed by two “serious” companies, so we find it highly plausible. 


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