Struggling with the stray safe code in the game Stray? You’re not alone! This article will equip you with everything you need to overcome the hurdles associated with the stray safe code. We’ll cover everything from the locations of the safe codes, how to decipher the mysterious password, and the steps to opening the safe.

    Understanding the Stray Safe Code

    In the game Stray, players are often required to find and use various safe codes to progress. These codes are cleverly hidden and can add an extra layer of complexity to the gameplay. One such example is the stray safe code. It is typically hidden beneath a picture on the wall that can be knocked off, revealing the code.

    How to Find the Stray Safe Code?

    To find the stray safe code, you need to explore your surroundings thoroughly. Keep an eye out for interactable objects, particularly pictures hanging on the wall. Interacting with these objects may knock them off, revealing a hidden code.

    Locating the Stray Safe

    The location of the safe in Stray changes depending on the chapter you’re in. In The Slums, for instance, the safe is located in a hidden area, typically under a picture. Meanwhile, in Midtown, the safe is tucked away in a less obvious location, requiring careful exploration.

    How to Locate the Stray Safe in The Slums?

    To locate the safe in The Slums, start by exploring the buildings thoroughly. The safe is usually hidden, often beneath a picture on the wall. Interact with the picture to knock it off and reveal the safe.

    Uncovering the Mysterious Password

    The mysterious password is the key to unlocking the safe in Stray. But how do you find this password? It’s not as simple as finding a note with the code written on it. Instead, you’ll need to solve a series of puzzles and follow in-game clues to figure out the password.

    How to Uncover the Mysterious Password?

    Uncovering the mysterious password involves solving a series of in-game puzzles. Be sure to pay close attention to any clues or hints you come across during your exploration. They may just lead you to the elusive password.

    The Slums Safe Code

    The slums safe code is one of the most sought-after codes in the game Stray. Hidden underneath a picture in The Slums, the safe code is 1283. This code allows players to bypass some of the puzzles and progress in the game.

    How to Use the Slums Safe Code?

    To use the Slums safe code, approach the safe, and input the code 1283. If entered correctly, the safe should open, allowing you to collect the contents inside.

    The Midtown Safe Code

    The Midtown safe code is another essential code in Stray. This code is a bit more challenging to find than the Slums code and requires a keen eye for detail.

    How to Find the Midtown Safe Code?

    To find the Midtown safe code, you’ll need to explore Midtown thoroughly. Keep an eye out for any interactable objects or hidden nooks and crannies. The code is usually hidden in such places.

    The Flat Door Code

    The flat door code is essential for accessing certain areas within the game. This code can usually be found hidden in various parts of the game world.

    How to Find the Flat Door Code?

    To find the Flat Door Code, players should explore the game world thoroughly, paying close attention to any signs, notes, or interactable objects that might contain clues.

    Wrapping Up

    Finding and using the stray safe code can significantly enhance your gaming experience in Stray. It opens up new areas and possibilities, making the game even more engaging.

    Whether you’re navigating through the Slums or Midtown, remember to keep your eyes peeled for any hidden codes. Now, you’re well-equipped to tackle the challenges that Stray throws at you. Good luck, and enjoy the game

    FAQs on Stray Safe Code

    What is the Stray Safe Code?

    The stray safe code is a set of numbers that players can find in the game Stray. These codes are used to unlock safes in various parts of the game.

    Where Can I Find the Stray Safe Code?

    The stray safe code can be found by exploring the game world. Look for interactable objects, such as pictures on the wall. Interacting with these objects may reveal hidden codes.

    What is the Slums Safe Code in Stray?

    The Slums safe code in Stray is 1283. This code is hidden underneath a picture on the wall in The Slums area of the game.

    What is the Midtown Safe Code in Stray?

    The Midtown safe code is hidden somewhere in the Midtown area of the game. Players will need to explore thoroughly to find it.

    How Do I Open the Safe in Stray?

    To open a safe in Stray, you’ll need to find the appropriate safe code. Once you have the code, approach the safe and input the numbers. If you’ve entered the correct code, the safe should open.

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