Every business wants to recruit top-class employees and retain them. Today, recruiting top talent is more challenging than it was a couple of decades ago. The sole reason for this can be stated because of the expansion of automation in every branch of the industry, including recruitment as well. According to Delloite’s 2019 Human Capital Trends research, the most difficult job in recruitment is finding attractive talent. Along with recruitment, it has become increasingly difficult to retain them. More than 50% of the recruits leave their new workplace within six months. And out of this, more than 70% leave within the first three months. 

Today, organizations take different measures to retain employees that they think can provide some value to the organization. Those employees are provided various perks along with an appreciation for their hard work and talent. They are provided with various paid vacations where they can enjoy gambling on captaingambling.com and indulge in some relaxing games, win money, and let loose out of the high-pressure working environment so they can perform better and keep up with the high productivity requirements. Here are some of the best ways you can hire new and valuable recruits and retain them as well.

Create a Candidate Persona

The best way to make sure you hire a high-quality recruit with all-around skills that can ensure your company’s growth ahead is to create a candidate persona and sort the interviewees out who fit all the requirements. You can start with a relevant questionnaire that can give you something to identify the employee and their personality. Their frequently used social media platforms, their hobbies, interests, what benefits they prefer, and some other questions can help you profile the candidate and analyze their ability to fulfill the organization’s needs.

Employee Referal Programs

First, you need to decide for yourself if your budget allows employee referral programs. If not, then you can start referral programs for critical positions that you need to fill in quickly, targeted positions that are hard to fill, positions that require expertise and a lot of experience in a certain niche, or senior and managerial positions. You must create a referral policy that you can use to communicate your expectation, list of positions open, and other benefits clearly and constructively. 

Improve your Brand Image

Nothing more attracts a talented candidate than an organization they think can appreciate their value and help them grow. Your company’s reputation is your brand, and it is the only thing you need to take care of while hiring valuable candidates.  You can start a company blog and start highlighting your recent initiatives and your organization’s achievements. You can show the world how you are committed to your employee satisfaction and well-being. Along with this, you can use your employees as brand ambassadors of your organization by letting them write those blogs and share them.

Involve Automation

Recruitment Automation is one of the best Human Capital Management Strategies to execute a task with much more ease and efficiency. It uses technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Predictive Analysis to Automate your recruitment process by sorting out candidates that are a good fit for your organization based on requirements data for candidates that you’ve fed to the system. This improves human resources productivity by reducing hiring costs, accelerates the filling process, and improves the entire workforce’s efficiency as well. Hiring automation helps companies who want to achieve optimum results in a short period by burning as few resources as possible. 

Social Recruiting 

Social recruiting implies the use of online forums, blogs, boards, and social media platforms to hire recruits as per your requirements.  Today, more than 80%of mainstream industries and organizations are using Social Recruiting to hire favorable candidates. You can post a job opening on Facebook or use Twitter to tweet a link with the job positions open for recruitment. Linkedin is a major source of finding practical and beneficial employees. You can identify their profiles and message them. You can also ask your employees to share photos and videos of your organization-sponsored events and promote your company’s social media handles.

Brand Leveraging

Your brand’s image is the biggest weapon you have to attract suitable candidates who can provide you with value and improve your organization’s performance. You can start by showing off your company’s diverse employee culture and how you celebrate it. You can talk about how the senior staff and the management always come ahead and take charge. You can use social media to post your events and achievements. Have a social media policy among your staff for the organization’s social media handle. Engage with your viewers and followers and constantly interact with your audience.


Recruitment is not an easy job for the human resources team and an organization as well. Companies hire employees from independent contractors, salaried employees, hourly staff, and freelancers to get their work done. Working with limited resources to save the organization’s expenses can take a hit at the productivity of the company, and other employees also may experience burnout. With these tips, you can be assured about hiring top talents for your organization.

Richard is an experienced tech journalist and blogger who is passionate about new and emerging technologies. He provides insightful and engaging content for Connection Cafe and is committed to staying up-to-date on the latest trends and developments.