Locating the formidable Stormbird in Horizon Forbidden West can be a challenging task, especially if you are new to the game.

This comprehensive guide provides detailed information on Stormbird locations, strategies for fighting them, and tips for farming their parts.


What is a Stormbird?

The Stormbird is a machine entity in Horizon Forbidden West. It is a formidable foe that you will encounter in the expansive world of the game.

It’s a creature of immense power and speed, boasting a range of destructive attacks that can easily overpower an unprepared player. As such, it’s essential to understand this machine’s behavior, abilities, and weaknesses before you face it.

Stormbird Appearance and Abilities

The Stormbird resembles a gigantic metal bird, equipped with various offensive and defensive mechanisms. It can fly, launch aerial attacks, and use electrical charges against its opponents.

Stormbird Behavior and Attacks

Stormbirds are territorial and highly aggressive. They use a mix of aerial and ground attacks, making them a versatile adversary.

These machines can also create a disruptive electrical field, which can be challenging to navigate.

Where to Find Stormbird Locations

There are several locations where you can find Stormbirds within Horizon Forbidden West. However, the primary Stormbird site is in the center of the Tenakth territory, in the mountains.

You can find this location directly south of a marker for a Slaughterspine.

Stormbird Location #1

The most reliable Stormbird location is in the mountainous region of Tenakth territory. To locate this site, look towards the center of the area, find the Slaughterspine marker, and head directly south.

Stormbird Location #2

Another potential Stormbird location is the Golden Gate Bridge. Some players have reported encountering a Stormbird perched on the ruined structure.

All Stormbird Locations

Apart from these specific locations, Stormbirds can also be found roaming throughout the Horizon Forbidden West world. Keep an eye out for large, bird-like machines flying in the distance or perched on high structures.

How to Defeat a Stormbird

Defeating a Stormbird can be a daunting task, but with the right strategy and equipment, it’s entirely possible.

Stormbird Weakness

Stormbirds are primarily weak against Tear and Fire damage. Use weapons and arrows that can inflict these types of damage to dismantle its components and set it ablaze.

Tips to Defeat the Stormbird

It’s crucial to stay mobile during the fight. Use your dodge roll to evade its ground attacks and electrical discharges. When it takes to the air, use a Ropecaster to tie it down and make it a stationary target.

Strategies for Farming Stormbird Parts

Farming Stormbird parts can be a lucrative strategy in Horizon Forbidden West. Here are a few strategies shared by players for effective farming:

  • One strategy involves taking out the Slaughterspine first, then traveling to the Stormbird site to engage the Stormbird.
  • After defeating the Stormbird, return to the Slaughterspine site and repeat the process.
  • If you’re specifically looking for an Apex Stormbird, you can increase the difficulty level to “very hard”.
  • This adjustment to the settings increases the likelihood of encountering the Apex variant at the Stormbird site.

Remember to revert the difficulty back to your preferred level once you’ve found the Apex Stormbird.

Stormbird Loot

Defeating Stormbirds can yield valuable resources. They drop machine parts that can be used for crafting, upgrading equipment, and trading with merchants.


Locating and conquering Stormbirds can be a thrilling part of your Horizon Forbidden West adventure. Equipped with this guide, you’re now ready to face these formidable machines and reap the rewards. Happy hunting!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find Stormbird locations in Horizon Forbidden West?

Stormbirds can be primarily located in the center of Tenakth territory, in the mountains, directly south of a Slaughterspine marker. They can also be seen perched on the Golden Gate Bridge or roaming around the game world.

What are some effective strategies for defeating Stormbirds?

Stay mobile during the fight, use your dodge roll to evade its attacks, use a Ropecaster to ground it when it flies, and exploit its weaknesses to Tear and Fire damage.

How can I farm Stormbird parts effectively?

A common strategy involves alternating between the Slaughterspine and Stormbird sites. Kill the Slaughterspine, then move to the Stormbird site and kill the Stormbird. Return to the Slaughterspine site and repeat the process.

What kind of loot can I expect from Stormbirds?

Stormbirds drop machine parts that can be used for crafting, upgrading equipment, and trading with merchants.

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