Introduction: What is Sporcle?

Sporcle is a popular online quiz-making platform that allows users to create their quizzes and compete against each other in timed or unscored challenges. It features an extensive library of ready-made games with different levels and topics. With its simple user interface and wide range of features, Sporcle has become the go-to platform for quizzing enthusiasts worldwide.

Sporcle Alternatives

Is Sporcle Not Working? Explained

In some cases, users have reported difficulties with Sporcle not loading or working as expected. This could be due to several reasons, from an outdated browser to server maintenance. However, sometimes this is simply an isolated issue that can quickly be resolved by refreshing the page or looking into some basic troubleshooting steps.

20 Sporcle Alternatives for 2023

JetPunk (

JetPunk is an online trivia platform offering a range of fun and educational quizzes in multiple formats, such as fill-in-the-blank, true or false and clickable questions. It allows users to create their own custom public or private modes, with up to four players able to compete simultaneously. Jetpunk also offers several premium services, such as detailed analytics and support for customizable avatars.


Hugequiz (

HugeQuiz is an online quiz application specializing in trivia, fun polls and more complex questionnaires that can be shared with family or friends on their site or other social networks such as Facebook. It offers users a wide range of features, including tracking results over time, creating unlimited private quizzes and generating customized leaderboards.


The Quizopedia (

The Quizopedia is a fun, educational trivia platform that enables users to create and compete in timed or unscored quizzes. The site also offers multiple game modes such as ‘name the artist’ questions or random facts tests while offering features like detailed stats tracking your performance over time. It also provides users with various customizable apps or themes to choose from.

The Quizopedia

PlayGeography (

PlayGeography is the perfect quiz platform for those looking to brush up on their knowledge of world geography and current events, as it offers various tests from around the globe categorized by year, region and topic. The interface also allows users to create unlimited public quizzes with artwork backgrounds and share them with friends.


Maths IQ (

Math IQ is a unique interactive platform explicitly built for math enthusiasts looking to hone their arithmetic skills. It offers various quizzes and tests sorted by topic, including word problems, fractions and algebra questions. The interface also allows users to create customized quizzes from almost any math content imaginable and provides detailed analytics tracking features to follow your comprehension levels over time.

Maths IQ

Factile (

Factile is a free online quiz-making platform suitable for classrooms, corporate events or just general trivia fun with friends and family. It offers various game modes, including timed sequencing tests and more traditional multiple-choice questions, allowing users to add customized images and charts if desired.


Riddle (https://www.riddle. com/)

Riddle is an engaging platform for professional and casual trivia makers, featuring a range of formats from multiple choice to fill-in-the-blank and open-ended questions. It also allows users to embed their quizzes on other websites while making it easy to track quiz performance with detailed analytics tracking tools.


Jeopardy Labs (

Originating as the digital counterpart to the popular game show, Jeopardy Labs is a comprehensive quiz-making platform with a unique interface. Users can create and share their quizzes on ‘Jeopardy!’s official site or embed them on other websites using its custom link-sharing feature. It also allows users to participate in tournaments against friends or random opponents.

Jeopardy Labs

Word Ladder App (

The Sporcle Word Ladder App is a fun, educational game designed to help improve vocabulary and spelling. The app puts players in the role of detective as they try to solve puzzles by finding connections between words, with each successive answer reinforcing language concepts along the way.

Word Ladder App

QuizUp (https://www.quizup. com/)

Developed by Glu Games Inc., QuizUp is a popular trivia platform allowing users to compete and challenge each other on any topic online. Its straightforward design creates an engaging and addictive gaming experience with issues ranging from sports and geography to general knowledge trivia.


Trivia Crack (

As one of the most popular quiz apps on the market today, Trivia Crack allows players from all over the world to challenge each other with various trivia-style questions while also allowing players to customize their profiles with different challenges and avatars. The app also allows users to track their progress and set up tournaments with friends or opponents online.

Trivia Crack

Quizlet (

Well known for its vast bank of educational content, Quizlet is the perfect platform for teachers and students, offering various features such as customizable flashcards, practice tests or multiple-choice quizzes. With its easy-to-use interface and powerful study tools, it has become the go-to platform for studying online, no matter your level of knowledge.


Kahoot! (

Created to make learning fun and interactive, Kahoot helps students learn by playing in-class games with their peers while allowing teachers to assess student understanding through multiple-choice or open-ended questions. It also features an extensive library of ready-made games and the ability to create customized quizzes with shared or student answers.


Quizizz (https://quizizz .com/)

Like Kahoot, Quizizz is another popular online quiz platform designed for educational purposes offering various game modes such as multiple choice, open-ended or genuine/false questions. Features such as live leader boards make it ideal for group play, and teachers can also select which answers to grade and specific student responses.


Quizlet Live (

Powered by Quizlet, QuizletLive is an engaging game for up to four teams where students compete against each other in real-time quizzes on the same subject from the same deck of flashcards or multiple-choice questions. It’s an excellent way for learners of all ages to review material entertainingly and can also be customized with the ability to limit spell force or several rounds.

Quizlet Live

Gimkit (https://www

GimKit is a unique quiz platform ideal for classrooms allowing students to play quizzes together as well as earn virtual money that can be used to buy upgrades for their avatar, such as special powers or extra life options. It also offers powerful analytics tools to help teachers identify student knowledge gaps and detailed reports on quiz performance.


Quizlet Match (

Quizlet Match is a fun, interactive platform for up to four players. It allows them to play together in a fast-paced game meant to strengthen learning and review material such as foreign languages or general biology topics from the extensive library content. It features leaderboards, customizable penalty structures and the option to add scores together to make longer games.

Quizlet Match

Quizalize (https://www

Created to engage students in class with their learning material, Quizalize features an extensive library of educational quizzes, and teachers or parents can build customized quizzes about any topic imaginable, from math equations to world-renowned artists and authors. It’s a great way to help students comprehend and review material entertainingly.


Quizlet Learn (

Designed by the team at Quizlet, QuizletLearn allows users to practice speaking and writing material no matter their level of understanding while also offering fun bonuses such as extra points for correct answers or penalties for incorrect ones that can be used to motivate students to stay focused.

Quizlet Learn

Quizlet Flashcards (https://quizlet .com/flashcards)

Created by Quizlet, QuizletFlashcards features an extensive library of ready-made flashcards that can be used to review any material from geography class to French grammar and be customized with audio or visuals for users to enhance their understanding of specific topics. It’s a perfect way for learners of all ages to review material engagingly! With its simple user interface and robust features, Sporcle has been a favorite trivia platform for many years. However, plenty of alternatives are available to those looking for an exciting quiz-making experience tailored to their needs. From fun and engaging games such as Quizizz or JetPunk, to educational topics ranging from Math IQ to Quizlet Flashcards, everyone is sure to find the perfect quiz maker in this list of twenty top Sporcle Alternatives for 2024.

Quizlet Flashcards

Sporcle FAQs

1. What is Sporcle?

Sporcle is an online quiz-making platform for people of all ages, enabling users to create and compete in a range of quizzes and challenges both in timed and unscored formats. It also features an extensive library of ready-made games with different levels and topics.

2. Is it free?

Yes, Sporcle is entirely free to use! However, extra features such as a subscription to premium quizzes or the ability to create custom quizzes may incur a cost.

3. Does it require registration?

To fully use all of Sporcle’s features, users will need to register with a valid email address. This will also enable you to track your scores over time and compete against friends in private tournaments.

4. Is it available on mobile?

Yes! Sporcle is available as an app for Android and iOS devices or through its responsive website, which can be viewed on any device.

5. Can I create my quizzes?

Yes, you can create your custom quizzes using the Sporcle Editor. It also allows you to add helpful hints and images for each question if desired.

6. Can I post or share my quizzes online?

Once a quiz is created, it can be easily shared with friends via social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter or by simply copying the link provided after completing the quiz in Sporcle.

7. Are there any restrictions when using Sporcle?

Yes, to ensure a safe and enjoyable environment for all users, the moderators must first approve each quiz before it can go live on the site. All quizzes should follow Sporcle’s Terms of Service and adhere to local copyright or intellectual property laws.

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