Soaper TV was a popular streaming service that shut down in 2023. Many of you have been looking for a new option, so we went online and created a list of the best Soaper TV alternatives that we have checked.

We evaluated over 40 sites, and our top pick is SolarMovie. It has a user-friendly interface and a large selection of movies and TV shows.

Keep in mind, many free streaming sites have copyrighted content. Streaming this content for free could be illegal where you live. It might also increase your chances of running into malware.

For safe internet browsing and to protect your device, think about using a VPN. NordVPN provides strong privacy and fast streaming speeds for Soaper TV alternatives!

Why Look for an Alternative to Soaper TV?

Wondering what happened to Soaper TV? You’re not alone. It unexpectedly stopped working in June 2023. Fortunately, there are excellent other options available, so you won’t be missing out.

Choosing the right alternative depends on your preferences.

Keep these points in mind while checking our list:

Some sites feature copyrighted content, which might cause legal troubles based on your location. Also, free streaming sites could expose you to serious security risks, such as dangerous malware.

We recommend using dependable antivirus software to protect your device as you explore the alternatives to Soaper TV. This software helps block problems like adware, spyware, ransomware, and trojans.

It’s also important to use a VPN (virtual private network). A VPN can block ads and safeguard your identity on free streaming sites. Let’s move on to the suggestions!

15 Best Soaper TV Alternatives In 2024

Soaper TV was popular for its wide range of content, high-quality streaming, and user-friendly design. We evaluated over 40 free streaming sites to find the top choices like Soaper TV.

If you’re switching from Soaper TV, check out these alternatives!

1. SolarMovie: Best Alternative to Soaper TV

SolarMovie is an excellent option as a replacement for Soaper TV. It features a large selection of movies and TV shows from more than 35 countries. The site works well on computers, phones, or other streaming devices (we’ve tested it!).

In our tests, we easily accessed recent Oscar-winning films like “Poor Things” and “Oppenheimer” with just one click.

Soaper TV

Each movie or TV show indicates its quality: HD (high definition), CAM (camera recording), and TS (telesync). Note, SolarMovie doesn’t hold the rights to its content, which could be illegal in your area.

Since the site includes some pop-up ads, we recommend using NordVPN to block these ads and secure your privacy.

2. MusicHQ: A wide range of content

Why MusicHQ stands out:

It has easy-to-use categories on the homepage. You can find the latest movies quickly. It features content from more than 30 countries. There’s also a specific Android app for mobile streaming.

MusicHQ is a free streaming website and a good alternative to Soaper TV. It looks and functions similarly. On the homepage, you can see popular movies and top TV shows from platforms like Disney+, or search for specific titles.

Like SolarMovie, MusicHQ has quality indicators to help find high-definition streams of new TV shows and movies. We watched “Dune: Part Two” in HD on MusicHQ without any problems.

For those using Android, MusicHQ offers an app for streaming on the go.

3. TinyZone: A Platform Similar to YouTube

TinyZone provides quick, free access to movies, similar to Soaper TV, with a user-friendly interface. By using NordVPN, we could block all ads on the site.

The site claims to have over 250,000 titles. Although not every search was successful, there is a variety of new movies available. The streaming quality is notably high.

4. Tubi: A Safe Alternative to Soaper TV

Why Tubi stands out: It’s a free and legal streaming service free from malware. Tubi is a safe choice for streaming. It features programs from major studios like Paramount and Warner Bros. The streaming experience is seamless.

Tubi, a lawful and free streaming service, hosts content from significant networks including Fox and MGM. It allows viewers to watch movies and TV shows at no cost and ensures a safe viewing of highly-rated shows.

Yet, Tubi does not provide the latest movie releases. Also, it is only available in the United States.

Using a VPN can address this limitation quickly. For instance, NordVPN offers nearly 1,970 servers in the U.S., facilitating access to Tubi.

Soaper TV

5. YesMovies: A Reliable, Free Soaper TV Alternative

Why YesMovies is notable: It updates rapidly with the latest content. It’s an excellent option for free movie streaming. While there are ads, they’re not overly intrusive. Searching is simplified with helpful filters.

YesMovies continues to be a leading free movie streaming site, maintaining its popularity over time. It frequently updates its library with new movies and TV shows, making it a viable Soaper TV substitute.

The site offers movies in both HD and CAM quality and regularly features the latest major releases for free, although ads are included. In our evaluations, we found the ads to be minimal and not significantly disruptive to the viewing experience.

6. Cineb: A Clear, Direct Streaming Alternative to Soaper TV

Why Cineb stands out: Its interface is uncomplicated and user-friendly. It has a “Top IMDb Rating” section for finding highly-rated shows and movies. It streams in high quality, including HD and 4K, and showcases a wide variety of international programs.

Cineb offers a more straightforward user experience compared to Soaper TV. Its well-organized website makes it easy to locate specific shows or movies.

Our tests indicate that Cineb delivers an outstanding streaming experience with sharp images and excellent audio quality.

Soaper TV

A broad range of international content is available, and for Android users, Cineb also provides a specific app for an enhanced personalized viewing experience.

7. GOKU: Find HD movies and TV shows

Why choose GOKU: It allows free streaming and downloading. It includes popular TV shows from major streaming services, mostly in HD. The “Top IMDb” section offers quick recommendations.

GOKU lets you stream and download at no cost, featuring a large selection of content. You can find movies and TV shows in various genres like horror, thriller, action, drama, and romance. Want top series from Netflix? They’re available on GOKU!

The site is easy to use, with most content in HD. Subtitles are provided for international movies, although the range of international options is smaller compared to other free streaming sites.

Want global entertainment access? Using a VPN can change your virtual location to almost anywhere in the world!

8. YTSMovies: An easy-to-use alternative to Soaper TV

Why we chose YTSMovies: Stream or download/torrent directly on the site. The interface is simple and intuitive. Access many recent blockbuster movies for free. It has fewer annoying ads (targeted by ad-blockers).

YTSMovies is a good option for the latest major movie releases and new TV episodes. We tested the platform and streamed movies like “Mission: Impossible: Dead Reckoning” and “Drive-Away Dolls.”

One benefit of YTSMovies is its almost entirely HD content, avoiding lower-quality TS or CAM versions. The site is straightforward and features minimal intrusive ads. Some links may be broken, requiring some navigation, but overall, it stands as a strong Soaper TV alternative!

9. Crackle: This is a free streaming service provided by Sony.

Why Crackle was chosen: It is a recognized platform under Sony’s ownership. It features titles from MGM, Sony Pictures, Lions Gate, and more. There are over 700 movies and 100 TV series available. The streaming quality is reliably high.

Crackle is less known but offers an authorized service with major studio films and complimentary Sony Pictures movies. Expect to see many ads.

Crackle’s benefits include quick and stable streaming. It works on various devices, like smart TVs.

Viewers can use features like parental controls and closed caption options. There is no need to create an account.

Soaper TV

10. 2K Movie: Offers high-definition content and updates frequently.

Why 2K Movie was chosen:

It provides a broad selection of well-liked movies and TV shows. The “Coming Soon” section previews future titles. Subtitles are offered in multiple languages, and the content quality is mostly HD.

2K Movie is an easy-to-use, free streaming site and a good alternative to Soaper TV. It presents numerous new releases and a section for soon-to-be-released films and shows.

Ads are part of the experience, but you can watch in high-definition. Viewers have the option to change resolution and toggle subtitles.

Using NordVPN’s ad blocker can lessen ad interruptions. NordVPN’s Threat Protection also aids in blocking malware.

11. Kanopy: Free High-Quality Movies

Why Kanopy is a good choice:

It’s a safe and recognized platform, free from malware. You only need a library card to use it for free. It has a broad selection of movies and documentaries curated by experts.

Kanopy isn’t often thought of as a Soaper TV alternative, but it’s worth a try. With a US library card or a university card, you can watch a range of excellent films and documentaries for free.

You can enjoy acclaimed films like “Lady Bird” and “Everything Everywhere All at Once,” among others, without worrying about malware. It’s certainly worth exploring!

12. HiMovies: Free Movies and TV Streaming (Chromecast supported)

Why we picked HiMovies:

It provides an experience similar to Soaper TV with an attractive and easy-to-use interface. It includes the latest popular movies and has few pop-ups and redirects, though this might vary.

HiMovies lets you stream the latest films and find other movies or TV shows easily.

Search options include genre, country, or top IMDB ratings.

Our reviews of HiMovies noted smooth streaming. You may encounter some pop-up ads, and their number might vary per session, but they are generally few.

Soaper TV

13. Pluto TV: Access live TV channels at no cost.

Why Pluto TV was selected: It provides on-demand content. Ideal for lovers of classic and old shows. Offers various live TV channels for free.

This platform is free for U.S. users (or for those overseas using a VPN). Pluto TV is noted for its distinctive streaming service. It offers a legal method to view movies without a subscription.

We watched classic romantic comedies like “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days,” and thrillers such as “The Killing of a Sacred Deer” and “The Lighthouse” on Pluto TV.

Since this service is limited to the U.S., using a VPN can simulate a U.S. IP address to access it.

14. Go Movies: A reliable, free streaming site.

Why we picked Go Movies:

Shows ratings for quality on all movies and episodes. Easy to use with a well-organized interface. Hosts both new and classic movies. Includes a promising “Coming Soon” section.

GoMovies operates with minimal ads and straightforward navigation. It displays the format of movies and shows, though it does not allow downloads.

In our evaluation, GoMovies proved to be a robust alternative to Soaper TV. You can sort content by genre, country, and Top IMDb ratings. There’s also an Android app available.

15. 123Movies: A Strong Alternative to Soaper TV

123Movies is well-known for offering free movie streaming. Though the original website has been closed, numerous copycat sites remain. However, these sites vary in safety and reliability.

Additionally, using 123Movies often involves enduring many annoying advertisements. If this isn’t an issue for you, you can probably find any movie you desire on this platform.

Using NordVPN can protect you from dangerous links and block irritating ads and pop-ups.

How Did We Choose the Best Soaper TV Alternatives?

We selected the best alternatives to Soaper TV by considering the following factors:

  • Content library: Does the site have a wide and current range of titles, including new films?
  • Advertisements: The most annoying part of free streaming sites is the intrusive ads.
  • Legitimacy: We included several trustworthy and official streaming services that are free.
  • Usability: The site should be easy to navigate. The best ones offer customization, subtitles, and recommendations.

Soaper TV

Top VPN for Soaper TV Alternatives

Free movie sites can expose you to malware and reveal your IP address. We suggest NordVPN as the top VPN for free streaming and using Soaper TV alternatives. We have fully examined NordVPN.

NordVPN protects your online data, making sure your actions stay hidden from your Internet Service Provider and anyone else who might monitor you.

Also, NordVPN’s Threat Protection helps shield you from annoying ads, pop-ups, and harmful malware on free streaming websites.

What Happened to Soaper TV?

Soaper TV, a popular free movie streaming site, has suddenly closed. The Soaper TV team has not explained why, but a message now appears to users.

Several reasons probably caused Soaper TV to shut down. The site faced ongoing challenges from global anti-piracy groups, including Hollywood and Netflix, which achieved court orders in the UK and Australia to block Soaper TV domains.

In the United States, the Motion Picture Association and the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment secured a subpoena to uncover the site’s operators.

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